Iraq is a strategic partner with the West in the middle east. It has terrific farmland, oil, gas, gold, silver, copper …

My Estimates

Banking System

The following reserves are coming and going and may overlap.

  • $59 billion gold bullion
  • $90 billion in once-frozen assets repatriated
  • $38 billion U.S. Treasuries
  • $18 billion other Foreign Reserves

Currency: 43 trillion dinars (at 1000/$1 is $43 billion). The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) said on 9/17/2018 that this was 170% covered by their (U.S. and Foreign currency) reserves and that they would be dropping three zeros from the dinar (…..d22=104993).


Mineral Resources

“Iraq has 89 .tons of gold” (…..d22=104993). That would be worth $3.4 trillion at $1,100/oz, less the cost to mine it and get it to market.

Contacts / Information

Financial Times for news stories

Dinar Inc. website is not current. It seems to have been active in 2009.


GE has obtained a huge contract to develop electricity for Iraq. And it will get other contracts since it is doing business there. This should turn GE around.

Iraqi Dinar (IQD)

Exchanging Currency

Make a copy of the serial numbers on all your bills. IF you submit bills to a bank for exchange and the bank comes back 3-7 days later and says, ” your currency was verified as fraudulent,” you can have them show which serial numbers are in question. If they don’t match, they are not your bills.

Try to find a bank that has a machine that can positively verify the currency while you watch when you submit it.