Iraq is a strategic partner with the West in the middle east. It has terrific farmland, oil, gas, gold, silver, copper …



What kind of recourse would we have if they came back 3-7 days later and say, ” your currency was verfiied as fraudulent and we took the money back out of your account”
FullSail: I suggest make copy of serial numbers on all bills submitted, IF there is issue, have them show which serial numbers are in question, IF they dont match they are not your bills.
Carlosisan: Also, I’ve taken copies of “everything” in case the bank tries to pull anything over on me.
Isabelle:  IF the bank does not have a machine that can positively verify the currency, then i will thank them for their time and leave. IMHO, if their machine FAILS to verify and later they determine by some other means that it is bad, then THAT MACHINE company should bear the loss along with the bank. I plan to have a check list of understanding that will be signed BEFORE they tuck my currency away in a drawer out of my sight!