Bank of International Settlements

(First, just for reference, from Mebane Faber, 08/22/11🙂

All the Stocks and Bonds in the World…$212 Trillion

(And now on to BIS:)

Gold Swap Signals the Roadmap Ahead

According to theBIS web site, (it is) a privately held bank … wholly owned and controlled by the Central Banks of the world. (It’s member banks), but there are no public records of any of the central banks making such an acquisition (joining?). (BIS says it is) owned and controlled by their member Central Banks.

We are talking close to a half trillion dollar balance sheet, or more specifically 259 billion SDR’s, which is approximately $400B (August, 2010). Where did the capital or deposits come from? The BIS goes out of its way to specifically assert it only accepts deposits from member central banks (and other banks, presumably from before BIS was “bought out” by the central banks).



(And by way of reference numbers:)

Bob Eisenbeis: Central Bank Policy, Euro Bonds, and QE3

rcwhalen on 08/20/201

… ECB assets have increased to €2.07 trillion, which is just shy of their all-time high in June of 2010 and are on a path to mover higher.  This is against a capital base of €81 billion.  Approximately €550 billion of assets are in the form of lending to financial institutions that are significantly exposed to sovereign debt within the EU, and approximately €500 billion are in the form of sovereign debt securities of EU member nations.  A recent study by Ruparel and Persson (June 2011, “A House Built on Sand?: The ECB and the Hidden Cost of Saving the Euro,” estimates that the ECB’s net loss exposure to Greece alone is between €44.5 billion and €65.8 billion, and its exposure to the PIIGS is about €444 billion.

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