Elenin, Giza, and the Rapture

(I don’t agree with these conclusions. For my similar, but significantly different view, click here.)

Andre J. Hendricks on Elenin, Giza, and God

On Sept 29, 2011

1st day of the Feast of Trumpets
Sign of Rev 12 fulfilled

Elenin is Blue Kachina – Michael and his angels
Planet X is Red Kachina – the Devil and his angels

Starting at 39 minutes: Giza

There will be an altar or pillar at the border in the midst of Egypt. This is the border of upper and lower Egpyt, and at Egypt’s exact center as well. It’s also said to be the center of the earth’s land-mass.

Starting at minute 45: Connection of Giza and Elenin

Elenin has a tetrahedron shape. This could be the capstone of Giza (except the bottom of Giza is four sides, isn’t it?) Isiah 19:19-20 It shall be a monument that signals His appearing. The monument will duplicate the deliverer that will snatch away God’s people from the oppressors. So Giza is shaped like Elenin. It is a sign that Elenin will snatch away God’s people in the Rapture. Then comes the tribulation. (The tribulation can not start this year. The seven years of the antichrist starts first. Then at the mid-point of the seven years, the tribulation starts. The rapture might occur at that time, but more likely at the end of it. See this studied out, click my Final Exodus.)

Elenin is Jesus Christ.

Hollywood Movie Clues

Otto Matic (released on 9/11) – indicates beaming up of people from the earth. Also associated with the elenin trajectory somehow
The Day the Earth Stood Still – object with a hyperbolic orbit discovered. Spheres beam species up from earth before the new flood.
Knowing – describes a rapture followed by a tribulation. Angelic beings come and take those that “heard the call” (children). This reminds me of the new age arrival of the ascended masters and the splitting of the earth timeline into two: a) an ascent into a higher order, and b) destruction

(The comet in Deep Impact was named ELE)

Early part of video – Hoagland

Hoagland is certain elenin is not natural but piloted.

Ritualistic pattern of 19.5:

The tetrahedron is the simplest 3d shape. If it spins in space, it describes a sphere. The 3 nonpolar points erupt from the sphere at 19.5 degrees. (19.47)

Leonid Elenin discovered the comet when it was 19.5 magnitude.

Why is Elenin’s perihelion on 9/11? Where is 9/11 in the circle of the year? I think he says at 19.5 degrees.

Its closest approach to earth (on 10/16) is at 19 hours, and 51 minutes(?) at 22 million miles distant.

JPL says elenin is a hyperbolic comet – a one-timer. That’s the first ever recorded. That makes it an interstellar visitor. Its inclination is 1.84 divided by 360 is 195. The trajectory can’t be coincedental. Some one sent it. … God. It is God coming to rapture His church.

(For a little more summarizing Hoagland’s ideas and for a different take, see my blog,  Hoagland on Elenin , from last week.)

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