Olympics Closing celebrates Aurora Shooting

No, they wouldn’t do that … would they?

Montage to James Holmes.... London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony
Montage to James Holmes.... London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony

Here is another, in case the above disappears again, but far inferior for the point being made.

www.ibtimes.comAh, I tire of finding and replacing these pictures. During at least one segment of the 2012 summer Olympics closing ceremonies (I didn’t watch them myself) male dancers performed wearing bright orange wigs. It was a theme that year, starting as far as I know with the shooting at the Aurora theater.

One thing is for sure, the Olympics planning committee wouldn’t do this by mistake just months after the Aurora massacre. You know at the very least they have to have discussed the similarity of these wigs to the striking orange hair of the perpetrator, whether in deference to the victims of the Aurora shooting they ought to change their choice of hair. They didn’t change the hair. They must have had a strong reason for not changing that, because they knew how offensive that would be.

So the 2012 summer Olympics closing ceremony celebrated the Aurora shooting. Sadly, the connections between the two events go well beyond that. I hope to say more on that soon (Oh, look! Someone did my work for me. Thank you Nathan Leal!).

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