Signs in the Sky

‘Fireballs’ Light Up Skies From Virginia To Ohio To New York (Updated With Video Report)

January 27, 2013

… From Virginia to Ohio, people are reporting sightings of fireballs and meteors shooting across the sky Sunday night around 9:30 pm Eastern time. …

What has me even more interested (are these reports from various people:) What’s going on in our neighborhood? What I saw looked like a white/blue ball of flame. … I just saw about 20 emergency vehicles go down emmaus ave towards Bethlehem. Maybe a plane went down … Everybody thinkin it’s a UFO and crazy stuff!! … it was standing still in air, then moving… Then had a bunch if lights then just one?!! … said he saw two stealth bombers flying low about an hour ago …

The reports go on and on, these from the American Meteor Society page …

Are these merkabah sightings? See how this could relate to the Birth of the Manchild of Revelation.


The Maacabae Alcyones to Arrive


The  Alycone race known as Maacabae have been cleared to land in various places on earth in February when a bright comet will be in the sky. …

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