The Pope and the Illuminati

I know how the Illuminists love certain dates and numbers. Doubles and elevens dominated the various terrorist events that followed 9/11/2001. And 9/11/2001 was the 254th day of the year, which numerologically is 11; and there were 111 days remaining in the year. And of course 9/11 is 11 as well as being the 11th day of September.

So how about another date? Would they like 3/13/13? I mean it. It’s got 333 and 11, and using numerology it resolves to 11 (3+1+3+1+3 = 11). And the date is a palindrome – the same backwards and forwards.

Seem like a good day to elect the final pope, or at least a super-duper illuminist pope? You betcha! Besides which, he is a member of a major world-wide secret society. The Illuminati, you ask? No – at least we think not. But who would know, being as when they say secret they mean it. It’s the Jesuits! And for that matter it has been said by those claiming to know, that the Illuminati took over the Vatican years ago. This may fit hand in glove with a Satanic phalanx of Jesuits said to be running the Vatican now.

And what do they call the superior general of the Jesuits? The Black Pope. The Malachy prophecy of the last pope describes an anti-pope. A Satanic pope? Would that not be a black pope?

At any rate, 3/13/13, with the election of a new papal regime, is a gateway for the illuminists. Now that the new powers are in place things can move forward. To where? To Revelation 13:13, I think.

Revelation 13:13

And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. (this is said of the second beast, described as the False Prophet in Rev. 19:20)

The following is from Tom Horn’s group.

Petrus Romanus is here!


“This is a rush script from Raiders News Update …

“To start with, remember as we have told audiences repeatedly, the only thing needed to fulfill the (Malachy) Prophecy of the Popes would be a Cardinal of Italian descent and the new Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the son of Italian parents (Roman). …

“Even more important is that he is the first Jesuit Pope ever (or at least for a very long time, we are researching this) and this is a VERY important aspect of the prediction in our book …

In support of this they note, in February, 2008, “with New Fervor and Dynamism, the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) Responds to the Call of Benedict XVI”, whereby they confirmed the Society’s fidelity to the Pope. (And so,) rediscover the fullest meaning of (their) characteristic ‘fourth vow’ of obedience to the Successor of Peter.” … (Wikipedia) …

Raiders News


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