The Pope and St. Francis

(False Peace. St. Francis lets us know, “it’s not me!”)

Francisco: The Pope & A Bird (Videos)

March 14, 2013
By Live Free or Die (Pictures added)

... free from Pope's window attacked by seagull and a crow in Vatican City

Throughout history, whenever the Catholic Saint Francis of Assisi has been pictured, he has been shown with the dove of Peace. Mainstream media is now making a big deal about the most famous bird in the world today, a seagull which perched precariously upon the Vatican chimney prior to the announcement of the new Pope Francisco …

Sorry pope watchers: 'Sistine Seagull' steals the spotlight on Vatican ...

(At times when both seagulls and doves have mingled at the Vatican, we can see the meaning of this symbology. The seagulls have been predator and the doves prey.)

Read more, with video.

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