Extraterrestrials – Full Disclosure

CE1 = Close encounters of the 1st kind;
CE2 = Close encounters of the 2d kind;
CE3 = Close encounters of the 3rd kind;
CE4 = Close encounters of the 4th kind;

Fallen Angels and the new World Order:

While I don’t expect that the coming extraterrestrials will be giant in physical stature necessarilly, I do believe that they are descended from the giants that were described in ancient times in the Bible, and are depicted as gods in the sacred traditions of the pagans. Perhaps one of the purposes of the current abduction and impregnation program has been to hybridize giantism out of their gene pool in order to make their coming presence among humans more acceptable, and be able to say when they come that they are indeed not related to the giants of biblical infamy.

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