Leading cause of Heart Disease

Notes from the Wheat is Murder interview with heart surgeon Dr. William Davis:

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Wheat is constantly mentioned as detrimental to the health by alternative professionals. It stimulates appetite.

Dr. Davis is an expert in cardiology and obesity and author of the book, Wheat Belly. Very educated. He worked as a heart surgeon. But henow gives dietary advice to his patients instead and doesn’t need to perform surgeries on them as a result. Did you hear that?

Wheat is 20% of the overall calories in the American diet and is responsible for the epidemic of diabetes, obesity, increasingly common acid reflux, arthritis and inflammatory diseases.

Medical professionals typically have next to no understanding of nutrition. That will only change slowly, and this is in part because the big food and pharmaceutical industries are in control of the message.

Heart disease is caused by small LDL particles. There are two ways to get them: 1) genetic susceptibility, and 2) carbohydrate consumption. Wheat is especially problematic due to the presence of amilo pectin-a, which is unique to wheat. There has recently been an explosion in small LDL. It is the rare person who doesn’t have it now. Cut out the wheat and junk carbs and the small LDLs disappear. Meanwhile the acute care hospital system is well fed by the notion of healthy whole grains.

Surgery isn’t the answer to heart disease. It just buys some time, as Dr.  Davis found out. Learning this he decided to go after the cause, and found that it is not resolved by the standard of care, “cut your fat and take statin drugs.” This advice over the last 40 years has actually caused more heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, acid reflux, and etc. rather than reducing them.

The wheat lobby, which of course supports and promotes this approach, is largely paid for by the diabetes drug industry. Wheat consumption is encouraged by promoting “healthy whole grains.” But what this information actually promotes is diabetes, a condition highly profitable to the drug companies.

In America, consuming “healthy whole grains” means consuming wheat. The average American thinks of eating healthy whole grains as eating whole wheat amd is not eating any significant amount of the other grains.

The Wheat Belly effect is produced by an accumulation of visceral fat. It is the signature of wheat consumption. Eliminating wheat will dramatically reduce belly size. The amilo pectin-a in wheat raises blood sugar higher than nearly any other food. One of the highest glycemic indexes is for two slices of whole wheat bread.

Advising folks to eat whole wheat bread is terrible advice. This will go down as the biggest blunder ever made in nutrition, ever. When eating wheat the blood sugar and visceral fat skyrocket. This visceral fat is puss-like: it is filled with inflammatory white blood cells. It “emits multiple hormonal signals that antagonize or block the effects of insulin, that cause arthritis, cancer, hypertension, etc.”

The brain is about 77% cholesterol or cholesterol derivatives and has a need for the consumption of animal fats. Humans are not meant to consume grains. Grains were convenient and could be used in times of hardship. They could be planted for a more constant flow of calories.

Even the original wheat was not harmless, but was far better than the present substance called wheat. Celiacs disease, for example, was recorded as early as 100 A.D. Celiac is a gluten intolerance. Also, the early hunter gatherers got more cavities when eating wheat, and etc.

But while eliminating wheat from the diet will clear up celiacs disease, Dr. Davis is talking about more than gluten and celiacs disease. There are many ways to get sick from wheat besides a negative reaction to gluten. The celiac test is far too narrow to be reliable as an indicator of whether or not a person should eliminate wheat.

Fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides are bad but growing wheat organically, sprouting, or fermenting it do not help enough to make wheat edible. The 99.9% wheat that is sold today worldwide is intrinsically poisonous no matter how it is grown. Likewise gluten-free foods are better than wheat with the gluten but still not good. Gluten free foods are made from rice, corn, or tapioca starches. These raise blood sugar really high, causing glycation (modification of protein by sugar) of body protein and leading to cataracts, arthritis, hypertension and heart disease, etc. Don’t replace a problem food with another but lesser problematic food. Replace the problem food with a healthy food.

What is wheat? How can a food first harvested in the middle east about 10,000 years ago and consumed by man throughout the millennia be harmful? The original wheat was a 14 chromosome “eincorn” plant. The wheat of the Bible is “emmer” wheat – a 28 chromosome plant. In 1950 wheat was a 4 1/2 foot tall plant that could grow wild for the most part. Today we use a 42 chromosome wheat, which is a 2 foot tall dwarf variant of wheat that was invented by geneticists in the 70s. It can only grow under cultivation; not in the wild. It is not genetically modified (subjected to gene-splicing technology), as that technology did not yet exist at the time, but an earlier more crude scientific method was used.

The U.S. is ahead in diabetes and obesity, but other countries are catching up. And there are other conditions to consider: inflammatory diseases, cataracts, and bowel cancer for example. For example wheat of all kinds contains harmful lectins that cause abnormal intestinal permeability.

What is now called spelt (that or emmer, or eincorn, or canute) is better than wheat and will help some people but not all. In general replace wheat calories with oils, meats, eggs, cheese, avocados, and nuts; but be careful with grains. Adding fat carbs to grain carbs will blunt the spike in blood sugar and pressure, but this is in the less bad food category and is not recommended.

The small LDL particle is the number one cause of heart disease. It comes from over consumption of carbohydrates (and especially wheat). The large LDL particle comes from fats. The small LDL particle is very different than the large. It is not recognized by the liver and so not removed by the liver, and it goes around in the blood for about a week, during which time it can enter the arterial wall, trigger inflammation, or oxidation, or glycation.

In Dr. Davis’ practice he sees almost no heart disease. His only patient that has had a heart attack in recent years was eating sweets and desserts. A high fatty diet is not the problem. However, the fat of factory farm raised animals will carry toxins. So eat healthy meats: meat of animals that were raised in a healthy way.

The protein gliadin, which is found in wheat, has incredibly bad effects on humans. It can degrade into particles that enter the brain and worsen existing conditions such as schizophrenia, autism, and ADHD. The gliadin protein acts like an opiate. It generates addiction and increases calorie consumption by an average 400 calories per day.

Blood pressure drugs, diabetes drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, acid reflux, arthritis drugs are treating for wheat exposure. These conditions can all be stopped by instead just eliminating wheat from the diet (hear a list at 57 minutes). Irritable bowel symptoms also disappear when the person stops eating wheat. Wheat lectins increase intestinal permeability (causing leaky gut syndrome) which allows many substances to enter the body that should be broken down in the gut first or eliminated. Many, probably most skin diseases are caused or aggravated by wheat. Neurologic impairment, depression, mood swings, migraines, constipation, and peripheral neuropathy are all attributable to wheat. Just try 30 days off wheat and see what happens.

Dr. Davis says it was developed by geneticists, as a dwarf strain with exceptionally high yield; but that it’s as if some evil scientists got together to ask how they could best harm mankind and then went to the govt and the Rockefellers for grants to do it. The moderator muses that perhaps eugenicists were involved.

Dr. Davis has successfully treated thousands of patients by eliminating wheat from the diet. But the government “food plate” recommends that you eat mostly “healthy whole grains.” It is creating an epidemic of the above mentioned diseases and hundreds of billions of dollars in profits to the drug companies.

Obese celiac perhaps going off wheat loses about 26 lb in the first 6 months. Calory consumption drops by about 400 calorie per day.

Wheat does feed the poor, since it is cheap, but it also causes health consequences which have a social cost and huge revenues to big food/big pharma. If wheat were  banned we would see incredible turnarounds in health and weight but this would hurt the industries now profiting from it.

Kids get wheat cereals for breakfast, wheat bread sandwiches for lunch, and burgers for supper. This harms IQ, learning, and behavior as well as developing the long-term problems already described.

As for supplements, do two things at least. Eliminate wheat and take vitamin D (6,000 units per day, or have your blood checked). Then consider omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil. Also, iodine deficiency is common especially in the midwest. Sea salt and/or low salt diets don’t provide iodized salt. Supplement with iodine.

Dr. Campbell’s book, The China Study, promotes eating wheat. It is counter to what Dr. Davis has seen in real life. Denise Menger(?) refuted it. She and Dr. Davis find at least a 70% increase in heart disease in people who eat wheat.

Because patients of various doctors are using Dr. Davis’ dietary recommendations to cure themselves, doctors are slowly coming around. The industry associations will be the last to espouse the truth about this.

What is sold as wheat today is not wheat. It is a genetically transformed product. The changes introduced were harmful, one of which was a  change in the gliadin protein.


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