Your Future – the Chip!

What happens when Tex Marrs and Alex Jones get together? Singularity! And progress is no longer marching toward it. It is now loping ahead at the steady, inexorable pace of an army of bipedal drones. You can’t outrun them; and don’t try to hide. They are logged in and see where you’re going before you get there. A desire for privacy will only tag you as a possible enemy combatant or madman.

The chip will not only offer health and longevity, but an enhanced reality. It plugs the mind into the network; and the network can feed you not only information but can enhance your IQ. It can virtualize your reality. It can feed you emotions and instructions – instructions that you thought of yourself! It will be capable of things that are not now imaginable.

Those that don’t take the chip will stand out as a strange, retrograde minority of “naturalists” or “fundamentalists”. Remaining unenhanced, they will be less intelligent, less healthy, less robust and inferior in every way; all in the name of “freedom of soul” – some kind of immeasurable, ethereal, and possibly imaginary thing that has no use in this world anyway even if it is real.

But in fact, the chip will plug you into the beast. It plugs your mind, feelings, and reality directly into a feed coming from the class of people that in the twentieth century worked as the social engineers. In the twenty-first century, they will still be engineering the course and quality of society and culture, but will they still be people?

Whoever they will be, “If we’re lucky, they’ll treat us as pets.”


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