Genesis 6 Project

EXPOSED Satan’s Last Days Hybrid Breeding Program

… This 4-part documentary will introduce you to survivors of generational Satanic Ritual Abuse with Dissociative Identity Disorder (SRA/DID). … In Parts 2 & 3 you will hear some of the SRA/DID survivors give their account of conceiving and bearing nephilim hybrids.

The video below should start you in Part 3, at about 75 minutes, which I think is a good short segment to give you the idea. Be forewarned. This is very hard to believe. If you don’t already “believe in” UFOs and that abductions are happening, and that female abductees have been being impregnated and their fetuses stolen after a few months, and if you don’t already believe that there is an intentional SRA/DID industry that is producing mind-controlled “robots” then there is no hope you will believe any of what is in these videos. On the other hand…

(The Convergence of Iniquity, or The Genesis 6 Project: If Satan had been involved in the Genesis 6:2-4 event, he would be locked in Tartarus today. But he is not locked in Tartarus. If, as these people claim, he is actively copulating with human women today and producing nephelim – not just any nephelim, but “representations” of the beast and the false prophet – then he is hoping that this is the end-game.

So the Genesis project is the effort by Satan and crew to get to the point where they can produce nephelim with human women, similarly to what was being done before the flood of Noah. They are doing this by producing the first few generations with women from very special bloodlines, i.e., through royal bloodlines descended from Nimrod. Then by hybridizing succeeding generations he gets things to the point where it is possible to produce seed through a broad spectrum of human women. Presumably he hopes to create a new race.)

(From my prior reading over the years, I believe these things to be true. Take a look at the testimony of Carolyn Hamlett for example. Also, you can read a paraphrased transcript from the above audio here.)


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