York Rite Eschatology

The Masonic Apocalypse : The Hidden History, Teaching and Destiny of York Rite Masonry

The video is by Theoferrum.

My notes below are from the video and from the forum thread linked at the bottom of this page. This is all highly speculative:

Masons believe that original Masonry was God Ordained through the Angel and York Rite Masons believe its purest form today is York Rite Masonry. Mason history is their eschatology. “Masonry is Antediluvian in origins and is responsible for the construction of the Pyramids.” Their history is the story of Osiris. It starts with creation. “Let Light Stand” is the motto and the Star is Sirius.

The original name is Y’Ba’Al Amin. The Egyptian Book of the Dead is the bible of Y’Ba’Al Amin. Amin the son of the Almighty is the hidden power of this Godhead. He is the Amen. As a lion erases his tracks with his tail so does the lion of the tribe of Judah, the “preincarnate” Christ. The Lion’s Paw grip refers to a resurrection, the Nile being the Styx, the River of Death. York Rite eschatology is all about this resurrection.

Creation took place at the time when the Sun, Moon, and Ten Planets (Tiamat was a planet before it became the asteroid belt, but we still need one more since we are looking from earth I suppose, and that would be the “Planet X” mentioned below.) were in Orion, “from the Book of the Earth” (the outlook from earth?). York Rite’s sacred equilateral Creation Triangle is formed by Betelgeuse (upper shoulder of Orion), Sirius, and Procyon (the Winter Triangle). This is probably the star cluster depicted on the handheld pre-sanskrit “Pyramid of the Eye, a power object found in Ecuador.


Narmer’s Pallette (found in 1897 and dates to 3,000 B.C.) is the heraldic crest of Osiris and of York Rite Masonry. Osiris was the angel in the garden of Eden. After Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden I presume, “The angels then shut them out with the monster wall at Baalbek,” thus I suppose walling in the garden, “to guard the way of the Tree of Life.”

The first battle for the tree of life is re-enacted by the initiate in the same pose as Hercules.

The death of Abel “led the Iggi to revolt and leave their first estate, (or calling, which was to guard the Tree) … to become immortal.” Well, one becomes immortal by eating the Tree of Life, don’t they? Osiris, the angel of Eden, I think in response to this rebellion, then recruited men to help guard the Tree. Some of the Fallen Angels became immortal so they were beheaded. The Egyptian drawing of this shows a giant ruler as their conqueror. So, was this the first battle?

Cain gives an account of the death of Abel, including the second battle. The Tree by now grew in the Grotto inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. (My question then is, how can the tree be in Baalbek and at Giza? Did they move it? Did they take cuttings or maybe seeds from the tree and grow Trees of Life under numerous pyramids?)

At Giza Cain dove down the well shaft leading to the tree and uprooted it. The Serpent ate the tree and tried to regurgitate it, which “killed” him. In other words the kingdom of the Serpent which had taken control of the Tree was destroyed in the flood.

The York Rite has it this way: The first pass of planet X caused a micronova, from one of its moons slamming into Tiamat, and a 23 degree pole shift on earth. (Theoferrum says, “Creighton and Osborn’s Book, The Giza Prophecy, (proved) that a 23* Pole Shift occurred in mankind’s recorded history.  The builders of the Great Pyramid were at the Queen’s Chamber Level when it hit.  The Queen’s Chamber is perfectly aligned with the Pyramid’s Axis but the King’s Chamber is offset by those 23*.) Continuing now with the York Rite, the pole shift knocked the pyramid wall down allowing Cain and his army in. They captured Osiris and tortured him to learn the location of the Tree. They cut him into 14 pieces and threw them in the Nile. But an Acacia plant snagged the coffin and Osiris was found among the reeds. Osiris was the original Hiram Abif. Horus is the widow’s son; leader of the Mesniu, i.e., Masons. They use the crest of Osiris. “Some became guardians and some became Masons.” (He is no mentioning Nimrod, but that seems to be the latest, a post-flood, iteration of this story.)

The gods of the kingdom of the Serpent were cast down to Tartarus: Mars, from the Norse god Tyr whose initial makes the symbol for Mars. They were chained in a state of suspended animation. The immortal antediluvian Masons are their guardians.

The military uses symbols, gestures, and moves that parallel those of Masonry. This is because one of the purposes of the Masonic tradition was to teach guardianship. One of the Masonic handshake positions, for example, if performed correctly, can pinch a nerve between a person’s knuckles and so be used to disarm them or throw them down. The secret rites in temples were used to protect fellow Masons and the Tree.

The black tiles of the black and white Masonic floor pattern represent the black basalt stone in the pyramid mortuary lodge.

Here is the real reason for the big rush to raise up Leviathan and find antediluvian technology and immortality. The allegorical woman of Masonry, Ishara (Ishtar?), the Whore of Babylon, corrupts to control and destroy. The Whore of Babylon teaches the lie of evolution. This tradition is upheld by Jezebel of the scriptures and the Anglican Church of Thyatira (Evolution is the idol of that Church.). Frustrated at the destruction of the Tower of Babel (Nimrod again), York Rite Masonry will arise to rule the world. When every world leader is an initiate God’s order will be established.

Like Robert the Bruce claiming to be Solomon the second, king of the Templars and winning the Scots independence … like General Charles Lee getting himself arrested on Friday the 13th as the second Jacques de Molay and driving a wedge between the London and York Lodges in order to win the American colonies independence at York Town … so will be the Davidic Leader of the End Days, the male child of the Apocalypse, the Lion from the Woods of Ezra’s Apocalypse.

Here is a forum on the above video.

Select List of Sources for Video :

1) 1611 King James Version of the Bible complete with Apocrypha
2) Strong’s Concordance
3) Ancient Records and the Structure of Genesis – P.J. Wiseman – proves Genesis 1-11 are Eyewitness accounts
4) The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt – Toby Wilkinson
5) Born in Blood – John Robinson – Proves Templars moved to Scotland
6) Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs – Barbara Mertz
7) The Complete Pyramids – Mark Lehner – considered the authority on the subject
8) The Lost Keys of Freemasonry – Manly Hall – recommended the Crata Repoa
9) Crata Repoa – a German Mason’s attempt to recompile ancient Masonry
10) The Giza Prophecy – Creighton and Osborn – proves 23* Pole Shift in recorded History
11) The Giza Power Planet – Christopher Dunn – proves pyramid is much more than a pile of stones
12) Seed of Knowledge : Stone of Plenty – John Burke and Kaj Halberg – tells you what the pyramid was used for
13) Founding Fathers : Secret Societies – Robert Heironimus
14) Secret History of the World – Mark Booth
15) People of the Secret – Octogon Press – compilation of the work of a group of masonic historians
16) The Sirius Mystery – Robert Temple
17) Orion Mystery – Robert Bauval
18) Book of the Bee – arguably the oldest history on the planet
19) The Book of Jasher
20) Flowers of History – Roger of Wendover – records minor pole shift in 1114 AD
21) Gilgamesh – John Gardner and John Maier
22) Gilgamesh – Herbert Mason
23) The Gilgamesh Epic – Alexander Heidal
24) Mythology : Illustrated Anthology of World Myth and Story Telling – ED. C. Scott Littleton
25) Mythology of all Races – Ency. Ed. W. Max Muller – 20 volume or more ency. set – excellent
26) Ancient Egyptian Literature – John Foster –
27) Norse Myth – John Lindow
28) A Pageant of Old Scandinavia – Henry Leach
29) Mythology of the Norse Gods – Arthur Cotterell – records the original story of Balder’s death
30) Once and Future Star – George Michanowsky – on the Vela Nova in history
31) Egyptian Book of the Dead – Wallace Budge
32) Biblical Basis for Modern Science – Henry Morris – destroys evolution
33) Kolbrin Bible – Egyptian’s record of the Exodus
34) Almost a Miracle – John Fereling – non revisionists history of Am. Rev. – probably the ‘authority’ on the subject
35) A Great Improvisation – Stacy Schiff – on Franklin also has some on J.P.Jones
36) Ethan Allen – Willard Randall – excellent read
37) The Blood of Heros – James Donovan – on the Alamo
38) Things to Come – Dwight Pentecost – general outline of Christian Eschatology
39) The Gospel in the Stars – Joseph Seiss – shows the stars originated with God (probably the Angel)
40) The Theocratic Kingdom – George Peters – The Exhaustive and uncontested classic on the Premillenial Faith quoting from over 5000 different authors and has not been refuted to this day (published 1898) – I read it in its entirety and critiqued it – the only critique of his work in existence to my knowledge.




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