Astana and the (Ley) lines of Death

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that there is a high-powered secretive group projecting their power worldwide through a weaponized form of geomancy using occultic dates, numbers, and ley lines. They believe that their methods open portals, or power-gates, that will lock in the implementation of their plans – and ultimately their world dominance.


The tip at 4 o’clock points toward Astana

So what about the pentagram in Kazakhstan? You can see it on Google Maps by searching for “Kazakhstan Pentagram” or “Lisakovskaya Pentagramma”. It appears faintly in satellite imagery. Apparently it is the remnant of a Soviet-era park. What does it have to do with Astana?

People say that one of the arms of the pentagram points to the palace grounds in Astana, which is now the capitol of Kazakhstan. Astana became the official capitol of Kazakhstan in 1997. It was built on the site of Aqmola (meaning “white tomb” in Kazakh), founded by Siberian Cossacks in 1830 as the Russian fortress Akmolinsk.




Astana boasts a building called “the pyramid of peace,” which, having no obvious religious symbols of any kind, is intended as a venue bringing together all the religions and therefore peoples of the world. That however is but the outward layer of meaning. Actually use of the pyramid is grounded in the principles espoused by master Mason, Manly P. Hall.



[T]he pyramid is the ultimate symbol representing the mysteries of ancient civilizations. Sublime in their simplicity, divine in their proportions, they embody both the divine knowledge owned by the illuminated and the bewilderment of the masses. Today’s elite, initiated to the occult, are the heirs of this ancient wisdom and use the pyramid as a symbol of power in the modern world. (Astana: the Illuminati Capitol of Kazakhstan, by Realities Watch, January 2, 2015, Updated January 18, 2015)

The article continues that the capstone – shown illuminated in the picture above – represents the hopes of the builders that the now unfinished worldwide order of brotherhood and peace will soon come to fruition by being capped with its rightful leadership. Adherents to the mystery schools also believe that the capstone of the Great Pyramid will be reinstated when this age old project is completed (Astana: the Illuminati Capitol of Kazakhstan).

The Pyramid of Peace in Astana represents both spiritual and temporal power: spiritual in uniting all religions of the world; and temporal in establishing a peaceful order among peoples. KazakhPyramidSunRoofAs per speculative Masonry, the capstone symbolizes an enlightened leadership that will bring the chaotic and ignorant masses together in ordered brotherhood, illuminating all. At the top of this leadership is the Masonic messiah – to the Christians, the Antichrist. He or his predecessor has been here before as the sun god of pagan myth. He will be regarded as the return of this god. The light of the sun is depicted in the glass ceiling of the capstone of the Astana pyramid. As an international venue, the pyramid of Astana is designed such that the higher in the structure an event is held, the less seating there is and the more rarified is the event. Meetings held within the capstone will involve the most brightly shining in the world: its top leaders.

We can see just from the presence of this structure in Astana that the city holds aspirations of becoming a leading city of the New Age, and of the New World Order. The whole presidential complex, including the pyramid, the Presidential Palace, Ak Orda (meaning “White Horde”), the boulevard, and the Bayterek tower reflects Kazakhstan’s new status as an oil power. Since 1995, “Astana has seen one of the world’s greatest building projects, as oil money has been spent on government buildings, a massive home for the president, a mosque, and numerous parks and monuments. The project is designed to make the town the centre of not only Kazakhstan, but all of Central Asia.” (Astana) If this succeeds, that would make Astana “the Washington D.C.” of Central Asia.

Like D.C., the Astana capitol complex is laid out using Masonic symbolism. Like D.C., Astana is situated on what appears to be a significant ley line. For example, the complex is laid out in a straight line, along most of which runs a road named Nurzhol (also known as Norzol, the Shining Path) Boulevard. (“Both Nurzhol Boulevard … and the layout of the city were designed by renowned architect Kisho Kurokawa.” Wikipedia) Opposite the Pyramid of Peace, at the opposite end of the capitol complex, stands the “Bayterek” tower. Some people call this the sun tower.


Actually this tower represents an ancient Kazakh myth of the tree of life and an egg, representing the sun (or more accurately – reflecting the light of the sun, like the moon does), laid in its branches by the bird of happiness. A dragon hides amidst the roots of the tree, scheming to eat the egg. This bird, unless I miss my guess, is the son of the sun god, like Horus is to Osiris in Egyptian myth. The story is that of sacred sex between the male and female principles, and the egg is like the sun re-born. It is the story of Nimrod, his wife, and their son. The son becomes the tree of life, drawing up the power of the serpent at his feet, and giving off the light of life from his head. In Horus the serpent and the bird are one. Illuminist world elite believe the essences symbolized by these structures are actually captured by them and a standing wave is going out from them ensuring the stability of the realm. They would think that Astana captures the power of the dragon, caught perennially in the roots of the Bayterek tower. This, they believe, is strengthened and renewed by ritual acts.

If you regard the layout photographed above as depicting this mythical story, you can imagine that the line of events involving the sun god, his son, and the egg, passes right through the palace. The palace, as it is balanced between these polar events seems to have rings of power emanating from it as a result. It is the bed-chamber that generates and re-generates the seed of kings. Remember, the world elite believe in weaponized geomancy.

Next we must describe the “two pillars” labeled in the photograph above. To the left is a view of them, as we face toward the Bayterek tree. These, like the Twin Towers of NYC or the “pillars of Hercules” are regarded as facilitating the transmission of power. Interestingly, the direction of the Boulevard indicates that a straight line should be drawn from this complex through the Lisakovskaya Pentagram, which continues by Venice (a historically important center of banking power) and then through the Strait of Gibraltar (i.e., between the pillars of Hercules) before crossing the Atlantic to Brazil, Paraquay, Argentina, and Chile, and then off into the Pacific. This is a significant line, due to the sites along its course, and it may be part of a continental-scale pentagram. More research is needed. The pillars have been made famous by the Masons as the pillars of Joachin and Boaz, which I think represent variously the principles of male and female, good and evil, action and reaction and any number of opposites.

MasonicPillarsAndTowerThe layout is completely Masonic, which serves to underscore that the religion of the Masons is simply veiled paganism. The Masonic image to the right is clearly analogous to the view of the Bayterek tree above. In it you can see a pyramid and the all-seeing eye at the top of the tree, which confirms that the relationship between the Pyramid of Peace and the Bayterek Tree in Astana is as we have surmised here. The top of the tree is reflecting the light and power of the pyramid. The two pillars stand to either side of the tree. The Masonic compass and square, representing a union of the heavens with the earth equate to the palace in Astana.

Next comes a bit of a shocker, but this Masonic board diagrams the image of the devil as Baphomet that has become infamous in the West.


The tree and egg are visible rising from the head of Baphomet. The egg looks more like a flame. At the root of the tree is the dragon, Baphomet (Lucifer), marked by the pentagram. His horns rising to frame the light of the tree are the two towers. The position of the knees and feet could be thought to describe a pyramid. And at its groin is the power emanating into the world as it does from the palace of Astana. Also, comparing the Masonic board above to the Baphomet image, the sun  and the moon can be seen on the left and the right of each of them, which underscores that they each depict the same thing.



The arrangement of the horns framing the flame above the head of Baphomet symbolizes the same thing as the ball of energy atop the head Isis in this ancient Egyptian image of Osiris, Isis, and Horus in which Horus as a babe sits on the lap of Isis.



In the image to the left, the same energy ball can be seen on the head of Horus, who is here depicted with head of a hawk. He is the bird of happiness. He is using the energy along with other technologies to emanate rays of power across a sort of tree to some worshipers on the other side of it.


These images depict entities, technologies, and events that dominated the world in ancient times, and it is the intent of contemporary mystery schools to bring them back to rule the world again. It is the intent of  the world elite that they have a seat at this table. As for the rulers of Astana, they think they have ensnared and harnessed the power of a sun-dragon and they will be performing sacrifices to ensure this continues and to use it.

So Astana, laid out how and where it is, is intended to project the power of Baphomet, or a Baphomet (dragon), with hopes of becoming the Washington D.C. of Asia. Like Washington D.C., Astana is laid out to display Masonic symbology, and describes multiple ley lines. This is weaponized geomancy. Both capitols represent and are intended to capture and project the powers of Molech (birds are like reptiles with feathers … feathered serpents). You and I may not believe in that wise old owl, but the world’s elite certainly do.

In fact, Astana entangles itself with Washington D.C. not only by use of similar occultic practices, and in its aspirations to ally with the United States as bridge into Asia, but also by means of ley lines. The videos below claim, and I have confirmed using Google Earth, that in addition to the ley line described above, Astana is actually connected to Washington D.C. by other lines. The ley line that the two cities imply, along with the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico City, contribute to a pentagram drawn over the United States. These are different lines than the one described above, and in this case they are known to be part of a continental-scale pentagram.

A line can be drawn from Astana southward, running east of the Kyber Pass, through India, and then over the south pole and back up through the Pacific to the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico City. From there it passes by Austin and Dallas Texas on its way pretty much over the north pole and back down to Astana. It is part of the pentagram over the United States.

Secondly, Washington D.C. is on a line that runs through the Pyramid of the Sun, up through New Orleans, then Atlanta and the Georgia Guidestones, and up the east coast of the U.S. through New York City and Boston, and on through Stonehenge in Great Britain. It continues through Damascus (where according to biblical prophecy a gigantic massacre will occur), then through Saudi Arabia and out into the Pacific going past Diego Garcia. This line does not touch Astana, but intersects the Astana/Mexico City line.

These two lines form one of the arms of the pentagram over the United States, which comes to a point at Mexico City. A description of the whole pentagram will not be attempted by text, but EnterThe5st4rz displays and describes it here:

And continues here …

Kazakhstan, with shoreline on the Caspian Sea, has, “the largest oil and gas reserves in the Caspian Sea basin,” says Ariel Cohen, when he wrote on September 27, 2006, in the Washington Times, that, according to the Associated Press, Kazakhstan has emerged, “as the West’s logical ally in the strategic energy-rich region north of Afghanistan and Iran.”

These circumstances seem to make Kazakhstan the eastern mirror of the Western empire and Astana the natural counterpart to Washington D.C.. Between D.C. in the West and Astana in the East they can have the whole world. Given all the occult overtones of the package, and the messianic hopes of these aspirants, it is not unreasonable to ask then, whether the name Astona is a nod to the goddess Osatara (and if she equates to Isis), and whether antichrist arise in Astana? The name after all is a close anagram to Satan. Perhaps he will. But more likely the rulers of Astana are preparing to empower and rule with him.

Aside: There are two cities in Russia, noted for their dragons, not too far from the Kazakhstan Star:  Alabuga and Bilyarsk, small Russian villages respectively about 100 and 200 meters north of the Astana/Pillars of Hercules line. It would be interesting to identify other known dragon sites.

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