Astana and the (Ley) lines of Death

I am presenting this series of short video clips out of order. That is because the information that will really grab you is is in the third clip. You may have seen in some of my earlier posts,

that there is a high-powered secretive group projecting their power worldwide using occultic dates, numbers, and ley lines. They believe that their methods open portals, or power-gates, that will lock in the implementation of their plans – and ultimately their world dominance. (And given that framework, I must as an aside speculate whether the city Astana is dedicated to the goddess Osatara.)

This post expands on that information.

You can check Google Maps by searching it for “Kazakhstan Pentagram”. The Kazakhstan pentagram does appear to line up with the palace grounds in their capitol (since 1997), Astana (founded in 1824 as Akmolinsk by Siberian Cossacks, in 1991 renamed Aqmola – “white mausoleum” in Kazakh), the way the video describes.

Now compare Washington D.C. for an Astana-shing parallel! Astona (Istona), is Washington’s evil twin! And interestingly, Istona is an anagram of some of the letters in *as*i**ton (and the missing letters, w, h, and g are fairly insignificant ones, linguistically).

There is no doubt that the layout of the two capitols is one and the same. How in the world did that happen? And why?? Well, of course that begs the question, “what does it mean for us now?”

Well actually the Presidential Palace, Ak Orda (meaning “White Horde” and built during 2001-2004) and boulevard are very new. The new construction reflects Kazakhstan’s new status as an oil power. Since 1995, “Astana has seen one of the world’s greatest building projects, as oil money has been spent on government buildings, a massive home for the president, a mosque, and numerous parks and monuments. The project is designed to make the town the centre of not only Kazakhstan, but all of Central Asia.” (Astana) Center of all Central Asia? That would be like “the Washington D.C.” of Central Asia!

Kazakhstan, with shoreline on the Caspian Sea, claims most of its biggest known oil fields and has, “the largest oil and gas reserves in the Caspian Sea basin,” Ariel Cohen wrote September 27, 2006, in the Washington Times, when, according to the Associated Press, “Kazakhstan emerge(d) as the West’s logical ally in the strategic energy-rich region north of Afghanistan and Iran.”

These developments would make Kazakhstan the eastern mirror of the Western empire and Astana the natural counterpart to Washington D.C.. Both capitols represent and are intended to capture and project the powers of Molech. What!? Yes. You and I may not believe in that wise old owl, but the world’s elite certainly do.

“Both Nurzhol Boulevard (also known as Norzol, the Shining Path) and the layout of the city were designed by renowned architect Kisho Kurokawa.” Wikipedia

And finally….

So, will antichrist arise in Astana (which coincidentally is also a close anagram to Satan)?

There are two cities in Russia, noted for their dragons, not too far from the Kazakhstan Star: Bilyarsk and Alabuga.


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