Masonry is Gnostic

(That is, illuminized freemasonry teaches gnosticism.  The excerpts below, from prove this. If I have anything to say, I will [put it in square brackets].)

Pagan “God Self” Icon Found Worldwide Rewrites History (Pt. 2 of 2)

by Richard Cassaro | January 16th, 2014

In Part I, we saw how the world’s first cultures all shared the same religious icon …

In the New World, it was the god Viracocha who conveyed the balance of
opposites religion, similar to Osiris in the Old World. It was Viracocha
whom the Andean masses followed and imitated. Viracocha was often
depicted holding twin serpent/thunderbolt-staffs, in the same pose as Osiris
in the Old World. … This is the universal instruction expressed by the “gods” of the pagans, like Zurvan, Gilgamesh, Viracocha and Osiris, to name a few. … [He is leaving out their female consorts, but as you can see in the images below two of them seem to be male and two female.]

The god Self religious icon was used across the ancient world,
spanning continents and oceans. This evidence points to
a Golden Age in the remote past.

In Part I, we saw how … the icon was known later in history to Renaissance occultists . Calling it “REBIS” they associated the icon’s “right hand” with the sun and “left hand” with the moon. … [Notice that the compass and the square below replace the two pillars, thunderbolts, serpents, etc. in the ancient icons above. Also the heads are one male and the other female.]

[This article will show how the ancient and modern Freemasons incorporated the same symbols and express the single set of ideas of the “Universal Religion of antiquity”.]

We touched on the idea of how the Rebis shows us we are divine … only we don’t realize it because this ancient wisdom has been hidden from us … . This is the Universal Religion of antiquity. …

An occult tradition holds that the Rebis was the first human being, perfect and divine. Unlike us, the Rebis was fully conscious of its own inner divine nature. …

But then something happened, and the Rebis “fell” into becoming … who we are today.

To explain this fall, the ancient Gnostics―forerunners of the Freemasons―described a story where God created the Rebis but became jealous that the Rebis was as powerful as him, knowing his eternal godhood. So he divided the Rebis into two sexes, two independent beings weaker than the original and imperfect. …

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with…a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.” ―Plato …

The Rebis lives at the center inside each one of us; it is your “god” Self. … [The teaching is that there is no “external” God.]

The Rebis (your “god” Self) existed in the beginning when all the dualities in the universe were still united in the egg [Your “god” Self is not good or evil.]; thus, in order for a human being to return to … consciousness of, and to more lucidly acquire the powers of, our eternal “godhood” (the powers of the Garden)…we must willfully unite all the opposites in our own life―as everything was united in the beginning.

That is to say, the Rebis is not merely a depiction of the primordial human, it is also an instruction, teaching us how to remember our true “god” Self … . “By union with each other and union within oneself…  in short, let there be reunion of opposites…” ―Jesus Christ, Gnostic Texts (Jean Doresse, The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics)

This is the great secret knowledge of alchemy … . The theme of reuniting with our “god” Self or “Source” through “mastering” or “balancing” opposites is the long lost secret of authentic Freemasonry … .

This act of awakening to our inner Self [illumination] … was symbolized in Masonic art by a giant Eye symbol, the Third Eye. One of the great lost secrets of Freemasonry is that … this Third Eye can be “activated” by each one of us. It’s done when we “balance” our twin solar and lunar halves. [Notice also the compass and square and the twin pillars.] …

“Yoga” is the precise wisdom conveyed in Masonic Tracing Boards. …

Kundalini Yoga shows the balancing of the solar pingala
channel at right and lunar ida channel at left, leading to
an awakening of the ajna chakra or Third Eye in the center.

An external “God” did not create the universe, according to this tradition. We, each one of us, are God (not the biblical “God” but the ground and essence of the Universe) and we created our own universe and we are right now enjoying our own Creation by living inside of it. Only we’ve lost touch with who we really are …

This wisdom survived in the East, uninterrupted, in the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. But in the West, it became eclipsed by Christianity. … By denying the soul’s divinity and pre-existence, Christianity wiped away a valuable fragment—indeed the key principle—of the ancient Universal Religion. …

The idea that we, like Jesus, can acquire the gnosis that leads to Christhood was suppressed. This is why today we (Westerners) believe there is only one God in heaven (and He is not you) and there is only one manifestation of God on earth, and that’s Jesus Christ (and he is not you either). [The writer ignores the Christian concept that the Holy Spirit lives within believers, transforming and deifying – as the Orthodox would say – their internal selves.]

Despite this suppression, many tried to keep the lost light glowing and the ancient tradition alive.  During the reign of Christianity there emerged Secret Societies … that kept the “god” Self wisdom from dying. They did this by encoding the secret wisdom in art, architecture and literature. … This “balance” theme is the secret meaning behind some of history’s most famous works of art. …

[I agree with Cassaro that there was an ancient Universal Religion and that the gnosis that it teaches does exist. I disagree with him when I say that the special knowledge called gnosis does not lead to Christhood, but is the “knowledge of good and evil” offered to Eve in the Garden of Eden by the serpent, Lucifer. He and I may agree that this ancient gnostic religion will return and become once again the Universal Religion of the world. But then we diverge again when I say that this is the Great Apostacy and “deception of the whole world” brought about under the reign of the Antichrist.]

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