The Once and Future Kings

Let’s take our imagination back; back to the time near the beginning of civilization. In this imaginary time mankind naturally organized itself into families and then tribes. At first, when there was just one family, the mother and the father were in charge. But over time as families grew and tribes multiplied over the land, there evolved an ascendancy by talent. The most able tribe eventually outstripped the rest, becoming the dominant presence among them.

Onto this landscape in our imagination there comes, by some quirk of genetics, a man far more able than his peers. This man was remarkably superior in every way – mentally well beyond a mensa genius. He settled the differences among the tribes, and harnessing the productive energy of all gained fame, wealth, and power far beyond any that went before him.

But seeking a wife, for many years he found none that could be a companion; for his intellect set him apart and alone. Finally, he met her. Like him, she was beautiful and of a brilliant mind. They came to truly love each other, married, and had children. They ruled well and all prospered.

When they had children, their children were as capable as they were. But being raised in luxury they did not develop the high moral fiber of their parents. Nevertheless the abilities of this family line were so exceptionally beyond those of the other families of men, it continued to increase its wealth and influence. The family began to specialize. Recognizing their uniqueness, they focused on their ability to rule. Carefully selecting spouses for their children they preserved and even refined the traits they wished to pass to their descendants. They also realized that special training was required for their offspring. They were raised for statesmanship. The family had become a dynasty.

As generations went by, the disparity between the ruling line and the common people grew. This was not only in wealth, but in their knowledge set, in their attitudes, and their mental powers. Generation after generation of luxury and superiority gradually took its toll. Whereas the first rulers had been benevolent, the family became prideful, selfish, and power-hungry.

By this time membership in the dynasty, while still a very small percentage of mankind at large, was becoming quite numerous. Strife arose in their midst. Differing factions among them had decided that they should be the ones in power over the rest.

The ensuing battle lasted almost 1,000 years and was fought on every level: militarily of course, but not only that. The theater of war was personal, political, social, and technological as well. This was a crucible of change for the family. Particularly this meant change in their nature since they knew their core asset was their own unique ingenuity. Predictably but unfortunately the most brilliantly ruthless came out on top.

The consortium of family factions that ruled following this struggle had emerged from it transformed. This consortium now used a new set of tools, built on the established successful principles of earlier generations but honed to a sharper edge. It had been a necessary development for their survival as the ruling class. They had perfected the arts of personal and social engineering, weaponizing their own genius on the one hand and projecting a virtual reality over those they ruled on the other. Not only did this new elite engineer their own selves and children; but they engineered the world view of the masses below them.

In re-manufacturing themselves, they had discovered that they could augment and program their children’s abilities through hypnosis and trauma. This not only enhanced their already formidable abilities, but through the programming ensured that all would pull together to the good of the group. They developed an extensive system of in-family programming, which only became more pervasive, refined, and effective as further centuries passed.

To manage the public they installed their children into leadership roles over the society of the masses and used them to mold its major parts, such as family, religion, education, entertainment, politics, government, and the sciences. Through these they built a culture and polity that ever and always supported and empowered the dynasty.

Eventually they realized that they could garner the forces of all mankind, which by this time had spread across the globe, to coronate themselves over the whole of it as gods – which after all they were by comparison. But they knew that in order to achieve this last ultimate goal they would have to largely disappear as an organized entity.

This final plan would have to be executed from deep within the secret societies and esoteric communities they had established so long ago. And to produce their king – a god-king, capable of absorbing and channeling the adoration of the whole world – would require specialized enhancements to their breeding and training program.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Presents a very believable scenario of how things came to be the way they are in the world today…..”conspiracies ” are really just a very natural progression in the forming of society .

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