U.S. – Disease from the Border

It’s Here!! US Military’s ‘Unusual And Compelling Urgency’ Orders! (Videos)

Susan Duclos

… Military emergency orders, … as border agents are told to stand down, and an influx of more and more people crossing the unprotected border continue to brings more disease in. …

The crisis has gotten so bad that the military has now put out a no-bid order for vaccines, via Potrblog:

Influenza Vaccine based on “Unusual and Compelling Urgency”. The order states that 70% of the vaccine order must be met by August and the remainder in September. Much of the information about the order is “redacted” aka SECRET.

The contract for the vaccine states: “In the absence of timely delivered vaccine, the Government faces real harm and expense”

The obvious explanation for such a sudden off-season demand for flu-vaccine is the detection of H1N1 Swine Flu. The detections were made in the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION camps which have been set up on military bases. …

In the first video below, Potrblog explains this “PANDEMIC ALERT: US Military In All-Out-Rush To Get Flu Vaccine by August; Sites “Real Harm” & “Unusual and Compelling Urgency.“

In the second video below, the lock-down is discussed.

In the third video below, Sarah Palin joins Sean Hannity to encourage Congress to “‘Halt an Imperial Presidency’, Impeach Obama.”

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More, with the videos …


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