Who’s Who of Psalms 83?

Notes from Video:

(5:30) Russia and Iran will perpetrate the nuclear attack on Israel of Ezekiel 38 and 39.

(6:25) The common denominator is Jerusalem. ISIL (L is for Levant), now IS (Islamic State, I think), intends to take Jerusalem I think he said as its “capitol”. IS may be in Gaza. Gaza is definitely a proxy for Iran.

(8:00) The Levant is the Promised Land (map) and matches the Psalm 83 map. It is the territory of the State that Israel’s current enemies intend to create, with Jerusalem at its center.

(11:00) Psalm 83 is a prophecy. Egyptians are not Arabs. Iranians are Persians. Turks are Turks. Prophecy Depot Ministries has this information but differs from the above video on some things.

Who’s Who of Psalm 83

Tents of Edom – Edomites, descendants of Esau. Palestinians in Jordan.
Ishmaelites – Arabs, descendants of Ishmael.
Moabites – Arab Palestinians, in Jordan.
Hagrites – descendants of Hagar, not through Ishmael. Egyptians.
Gebal – Northern Lebanon.
Ammon – Palestinians/Jordanians.
Amalek – Arabs, the greater Middle East.
Philistia – Arabs in the Gaza strip.
Tyre – Lebanon.
Assyria – Syria, Iraq, and Turkey.

Israel’s incursion into the Gaza strip may be the turning point that begins this war.

(21:00) Psalm 83 is the anti-Israel coalition, Isaiah 17 is Burden of Damascus, Zechariah 12 is the surrounding peoples, Isaiah 19 is the Burden of Egypt. Egypt may attempt to broker a cease-fire, which won’t last, Daniel 9:27 is the Peace Agreement for 7 Years, Revelation 13 is the Mark of the Beast where no man may buy or sell without it, Ezekiel 38 is the Battle of Gog, which follows a period of false peace and security for Israel. I would say, the Seven-year Tribulation.

(25:00) The Rapture must happen before the Tribulation. He’s got some fancy metaphorical “proofs” that the rapture precedes the Great Tribulation; which would be great if it were true, but it’s not.

So after the false peace which follows the war of Psalm 83 described above, Ezekiel 38 describes a new set of peoples that attack: Libya, Ethiopia, Yemen, Iran, Russia, and Turkey. He thinks that this means Israel will have won that first war. Maybe. I think that some kind of “greater Israel” will have been agreed upon in the false peace.

At the mid-point of the 7 years, when the false christ sits in the temple and declares himself to be God, the Israelites will flee and be protected at Petra.


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