War on Iran

(Jesus Christ is putting Iran’s Islamic back up against the wall. That is, so many people in Iran are leaving Islam and converting to Christianity today that Iran is Christianizing faster than any other nation in the world. The Iranian government is cracking down.

If the Islamic government in Iran reacts to this spiritual transformation by mass murder they may walk right into prophetic fulfillment of Jeremiah 49.)

IRAN: Nuclear Showdown – Prophecy in the News

July 7, 2014 by

This article by Bill Salus was the featured cover story on the Prophecy in the News July magazine. …

Jeremiah (49:34-39) addressed the fate of Elam, (part of) modern-day Iran. …

  • Jeremiah’s prophecies concerning Iran appear to occur prior to Ezekiel’s.
  • Jeremiah’s prophecies are now imminent.
  • Jeremiah may have predicted the fate of Iran’s nuclear program.
  • Ezekiel 38 commentaries are abundant, but Jeremiah 49:34-39 commentaries are scarce.
  • Jeremiah predicts a disaster in Iran that could adversely affect America and other nations.
  • Jeremiah predicted today’s spiritual showdown in Iran. …

Jeremiah’s prophecy concerning Elam is completely unpacked, explained and contrasted to Ezekiel’s prophecy in my book titled, Nuclear Showdown in Iran, (by Bill Salus.) …

Iran fiercely angers the Lord. As a result of the Lord’s burning anger, a disaster occurs in Iran … . (A shameful, widespread, and vicious persecution of Christians would do that. I’m watching.)

The disaster (brought about through God’s anger) necessitates a wide-scale expulsion of Iranians out of the affected area. This worldwide dispersion may have the makings of the magnitude of a humanitarian crisis because the prophecy predicts that there will be “no nations where the outcasts of Elam will not go.” Perhaps, this alludes to a dispersion that is necessitated by radioactive fallout …

Approximately two years ago … Ayatollah Khamenei, decreed that all Christian home churches were to be shut down, and all pastors imprisoned. This edict has led to the wide spread persecution of Iranian Christians. This religious national diktat was issued because Christianity was spreading exponentially within Iran … the result of a miraculous work of the Holy Spirit … . The world may be watching a preview of Jeremiah 49 … .

(The article and the book conclude that the destruction and expulsion are the next big events in Iran. It could well be, but I’m not convinced. I would need to read the book and compare it with what I’ve already studied, but haven’t posted – largely based on a book by Walid Shoebat. Since there is an Armageddon at the end of the immanent seven years of Tribulation; and there is also a war at the end of the Millennial Reign that follows that, fulfillment could be 1,000 years off! I would want to see that addressed.)


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