The Royal Lineage of Antichrist

Consider the fallen angel, come to earth. This being is dazzlingly handsome, its brilliant mental abilities beyond human imagining, having seemingly god-like metaphysical powers, and being full of pride. It considers it its right to rule. It has arrived very early in human history, and the panorama of time spreads out before it.

This being will choose a woman from among the human race to be its mate and its queen, and to birth it children to form a dynasty. How would it choose a woman? What qualities would it seek? It would choose a woman who, like itself, had the right to rule.

What human family would have the right to rule the earth? Would he not choose a princess from the royal family of God’s chosen people? It is after all God’s throne that must be usurped if this being is to rule. It is God’s blessing on the human race that must be stolen. Fate must be changed.

This dynasty, descending on the one side from fallen angelic beings and on the other from Hebrew royalty, has come down through the ages with the intent to produce the final perfect king to sit on the throne in Jerusalem and rule the world.


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