The Beast, first Sip: 2015?

If you have ever read The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea, by Tim Cohen, you know that it argues convincingly that the antichrist will be from the House of Windsor (Sax-Colberg-Gotha-Battenburg and Mountbatten). The book proposed prince Charles, but currently one would look more to his “son” prince William.

I am not here reviewing the book – which I read years ago. But following are some of my thoughts on an interview with Dr. Joye Pugh, author of,  ANTICHRIST The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ. She takes some wild potshots in my opinion, and sometimes also says credible things but in a way that just begs for ridicule. My interest in her writing is that the overall gist of what she is saying about the nature of the antichrist looks entirely possible.

She is working within a bible-based view of human history. Setting this context, she takes Genesis 1:1,2 as describing a re-creation – entirely justified by the language there if you look into it. She is not alone in arguing this.

She then proposes that before the creation of Adam and Eve, there was a race of pre-human homonids from which God created Adam and Eve. I can agree with the former, but not the latter. She says that God intended to place His blessing on Adam and Eve, but that Lucifer, first among the angels, was jealous of this and decided to steal it. Agreed on both points. Lucifer entered the garden as the serpent, attempting to corrupt the true lineage of Adam and prevent the blessed descendant of Adam, Son of God, from being born. It is a creditable idea that many have argued.

Then she details the fall of Adam and Eve, saying that Eve participated in a “three-some” with Adam and the Serpent (yes, I mean sex); and that Abel was the son of Adam while Cain the son of the Serpent. One thing she argues is that Eve’s punishment to be cursed in childbirth is commensurate with a sexual crime that causes a bastard to be born. She is saying that Cain and Abel were twins, but with two different fathers.

As a stand-alone idea this seems like the product of an over-active and prurient imagination. However it does fit a pattern that repeats throughout history. Anyone who has read about ancient myth and legend will notice an idea here that was part of the ancient world: of royal twins, one of which is human and the other a god.

But importantly, a sexual practice mimicking the events described above seems to be a practice of the occultic elites of the world. And the purpose of this practice is the same as the Serpent would have had: to influence the dna of a pregnancy through the presence of a non-human entity during sex. Putting this another way, one can speculate that an impact on dna can be brought about by beholding, during sex, the image of the knowledge of good and evil as personified in some non-human entity.

This concept stands behind the obsession that royals have with tracing their lineage back to specific kings, emperors, or sultans thought to have been “sired” by an interbreeding between a human king or queen and some “god” (non-human presence). Alexander the Great is a famous example, and King Merovech is another. The royal houses are very keen to trace themselves back to these specially gifted individuals, and through them to Nimrod, of Babylonian fame, who is thought to have engaged in these same practices. Nimrod it seems was pivotal in bringing back the Nephelim kingship after the flood of Noah.

One such being that Dr. Pugh talks about is Gilgamesh, who was a giant, a chimeric being, and half-human half-angel. She says he was famous for seeking the gene that controls death so as to become immortal.  She also mentions that the men of Sodom wanted to have sex with the angels that visited Lot. I will add that the sin of Sodom is not homosexuality, or at least not that alone, but was the practice of sex with angels (Don’t try to tell me it can’t happen. It is not supposed to, but it can.). As for giants, we all know that King David encountered numerous giants, who were described as among a remnant of the giants that had preceded his time.

She says that the first royal lineage, the dragon lineage, used an X for its mark. She thinks this is the mark of Cain. The Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Babylonians all used it. Egyptian royalty had exceptionally elongated craniums, which is said to be a trait of these hybrid creatures. Those that induced this trait by head binding were wannabees seeking to emulate a genetic trait that was normal to the actual serpentine royal line. King Tut’s “babies” are depicted in heiroglyphs looking like the greys of UFO fame. Royals claim that descent from some angelic progenitor gives them the divine right to rule. The existence of whole tribes descended from these beings is the reason why the God of the Old Testament was so intense about race and race relations requiring in many cases that entire tribes be wiped out.

Then she applies this paradigm to the Merivingian bloodline and the Christian epoch, including to modern times. The secret societies that ran parallel to, and carried the occult traditions of, these royal dynasties were keenly interested in the ministry of Jesus Christ when he was here because they wanted to co-opt his power. Judas Iscariot was just the visible face of their effort. Dr. Pugh says he was a member of an assassin secret society intent on owning all the relics of the faith from all the phases of history in order to acquire its power. She says this is a hidden campaign of the serpent lineage that began with Cain.

She says that the Shroud of Turin is such a relic and that it is authentic. She points out that the European secret societies have gotten access to the Shroud and have harvested dna from it. Explaining that cloning of humans is a viable technology today and not experimental, she says that Antichrist will be a clone of Jesus Christ, cloned from dna obtained from the Shroud of Turin.

She postulates that Prince William, who she says is a perfect image of the face on the shroud, was cloned from the dna of Jesus Christ. A clone is a perfect replica, or image, of the original except for not having the soul of the original. As such, she says that a clone is not human and this is why the biblical prophecies refer to the antichrist as a “beast”.

Diana became pregnant at the Black Sea coast during her honeymoon with prince Charles? She tried to kill herself during that pregnancy. Why!? Does that sound like the response of a happy newlywed to her first pregnancy? Prince William was the baby. He was born June 24, on the summer solstice, while the astrological sign changed to Gemini. According to present at the baptism, the baby William “howled” when he was baptized.

She says that prince William has stolen the “image” (dna is holographic) of Jesus Christ and will attempt to insert himself as the returning messiah. She speculates that he will declare himself in 2012, since he becomes 30 years old that year and that is the age when Jesus began his ministry. Well that didn’t happen.

So, will William begin sipping tea as the antichrist in 2015 when he will be the ripe old masonic age of 33? Nope, that didn’t happen. Will we see him sign a 7-year peace plan in Jerusalem as per the biblical prophecy? That certainly will happen, but will it be William?


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