Wilkerson prophesied Current and Soon-Coming Events

And some already here. In the video below Jim Bakker and John Shorey discuss some of David Wilkerson’s prophecies. I put some notes from it below, but I went pretty fast, so in case I distorted anything, check the video.

David Wilkerson gave a message prophetically describing the total collapse of America in 1975. This is not in a book but some kind of paper he wrote for something or other.

“Hyperinflation will destroy nations and drive society to the brink of insanity”

In 1975 Wilkerson said that due to the intercession of believing Christians a few years of good harvest would intervene giving America a reprieve before the famine, and that if America would repent the famine could be averted. But since then America has not repented. He said drought would blight the plains and fertilized fields and burn up millions of bushels of grain. Food would one day become the worlds most precious commodity, surpassing oil and energy. Food shortages will deeply affect all Arab nations …  In Europe mobs will break into food warehouses. In America there would be a pillaging army of desperate city-dwellers heading out of the city to escape rioting, and chaos, and find food. As shortage becomes more critical cattle rustling will increase. Gardens will be raided.

Many people, though, will store up food, hide it, and guard their supplies jealously.

And this is interesting: “An unexplained mystery about rising food prices will confuse and baffle the most brilliant minds in the nation. A zigszag dilemna will settle over food commodities as certain prices go through the ceiling without true cause and effect.” Panic buying is ahead in the grocery stores.

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David Wilkerson, from 2009

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