Ebola Vectors, CDC Denial

CDC now endangering all Americans by pushing five irresponsible assumptions about Ebola transmission

Oct 9, 2014

… Instead of telling the truth about how Ebola is spreading, the CDC remains in a state of dangerous denial, falsely insisting the virus only spreads through “direct contact” even though virologist experts strongly disagree (and infections are clearly taking place that could not have happened through direct contact).  Even the W.H.O. now openly contradicts the CDC …

I have already estimated, in an interview with Dave Hodges, that a runaway outbreak across the USA could result in as many as 30 million deaths if uncontrolled. …

A well-researched story by David Willman, published in the LA Times, seems to be the very first mainstream media story that dares to question the CDC’s official lies. Click here to read that story. …


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