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(Mannose-binding lectin, or MBL) Can Break Down Ebola’s Protective Shell … So Our Immune System Can Kill It …

Some MBLs can be deadly … like ricin.  (And lectin -which is different than either leptin or lecithin- can cause) diarrhea, nausea, bloating or vomiting. …

(On the other hand,) the Journal of Infectious Diseases notes:

… (MBL) is a first-line host defense against a wide range of viral and other pathogens. (It) recognizes glycosylated viruses including influenza virus, human immunodeficiency virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronovirus (SARS-CoV), Ebola virus, and Marburg virus. It also recognizes many glycosylated gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

… Specifically, it is well-documented that MBLs bind to the outside of the Ebola virus, breaking it down so that the body’s immune system can kill it.

… MBLs are not only produced by our own bodies, but also by certain plants and algae. … The blue-green algae Scytonema varium  (see this) … Nostoc ellipsosporum (this, this, and this) (and) the red algae Griffithsia … possesses useful antiviral properties against Ebola

… Common plants (contain) MBLs (but are not necessarily edible) …

Bananas have an MBL called BanLec, which has been shown to attack viruses such as HIV … Rice … Lentils contain an MBL called LCH.  Several labs sell LCH on the web … Jerusalem Artichoke … Jack beans

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