Death Died

What if the biblical story of the Garden of Eden were really historically true?  Adam and Eve really were the first two humans and were intended to live forever, but lost that condition when they ate the fruit of a certain tree and it poisoned them, and from that moment forward they lived under the power of death and they eventually did die, and all of creation also fell under the power of death?

What if by extension from this idea we said that the whole biblical record were true, and when Jesus Christ was born it was with the intent of bringing humanity and all of creation out from the belly of death and the clutches of hell? How did he do it?

The scriptures say that he was God, born of a virgin and so both God and man. Being God the son, he lived in perfect unity with the purpose and sentiments of God the father. And we are taught that a primary sentiment of this God is love. “God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten son.”

So he loved us. But how could that save the world? That saved the world when he loved us even when we hated him, and would do no harm to us nor resist us and we killed him. At that moment death got a belly full of a power that it could not contain, and death burst open and itself died.

I heard a preacher this morning mention that the story of the garden was real, but that many teach that it is a fable. He said if it is a fable then the resurrection is also a fable. But if it is real then real metaphysical changes hinge on who Adam was and what he did, and who Jesus Christ was and what he did. And real changes take place in you if when you see that God you worship him. And of course … there really is a resurrection!

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