Tsu! It’s You!

What Tsu says about itself (the bolding is mine)…

The entire point of tsū is that the content you publish is yours and the audience you publish to is also yours. Since we are a monetization platform for social content similar to how YouTube® is a monetization platform for videos, we distribute the economics to (you) the users in proportion to the relevance of their content and in proportion to the size of their social network or audience. Our thoughts are always that unless you own the rights to the content and the economics associated with it, you are not really owning your work.
tsū is the only platform that provides this type of true ownership and incumbent platforms unfortunately cannot replicate this mechanism – it has to be done from the ground up where users do all the inviting at the beginning. Nobody can sign up with tsū directly by the way. After all it’s your network – you own it.

So don’t watch the #Tsunami of 2014/2015 from the outside! This will be an excellent way to exercise your right to free speech! Here is my invitation to you to join:

Join the conversation at Tsu!


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