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Personal consciousness stands at the center. It stands in the now, between the past and the future. It stands at the center of spatial extension, perceiving the vast universe. Human and angelic consciousness stands at the center of scale, midway between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Standing at the center, personal consciousness resonates throughout all these dimensions. It responds to them and it elicits a resonant response from them. It is obvious to us that human thought and intent responds to the character of time and space around it and this leads to human action that in  turn impacts the environment and the course of events.

Quantum physicists have demonstrated that the act of observation affects the behavior of quantum particles.

The padres, the preachers, the gurus, and the shamans are the ones who say that human thought and intent interact with the macrocosm. In fact they would add that there are dimensions with which we interact that for the most part we have been unable to see or describe.

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