The Researchers and Practitioners Talk

Here is a little glimpse of what the show, The 4400, is preparing us for. There will soon come a time when a group of people emerge among mankind, like the 4400, who have special, wonderful powers. Some will be able to heal, some will have super-intelligence, and all sorts of things.

It seems bizarre now, but it will be in context and they will win the majority opinion as the scientific community “discovers” that this is an evolutionary leap forward and that it is for the great betterment of all. Perhaps they will be the resistance: the only power that can stand meaningfully against the ravages of the New World Order elite which by that time will have obviously thrown the world system off the cliff.

... embrioni: madre surrogata cercasi per ricreare l’uomo di Neanderthal

So won’t you look neanderthal if you say, hey, I don’t want special powers. I just want to be my old human self. I don’t want to be better. And I don’t think you should be better either. And then you say these wonderful people are demonized, and you try to tell folks to not eat the mushrooms. Yes, you will look neanderthal; and worse.

Heads will come off.

Anyway, this radio interview should give us some idea what the world will look like during the reign of the Antichrist.

The Byte show, with Doug Riggs (Genesis 6 Project and Rosemary’s Baby Antichrist), Stan Deyo (, Lynn Marzulli (, Webb

Everything below is paraphrased from The Byte Show Interview . These are notes from the first 28 minutes.

Riggs: I’ve been working with generational ritual abuse, some of it involving the royal families, for many years and I know there is a hybrid program. I have never worked with UFO abductees, but I am told that UFO sightings are increasing and that some of this involves actual hardware flying around out there.

Marzulli: Earthquakes seem to be increasing. The church is asleep and is about to be broadsided. It is a vicious ignorance. This signs are accelerating.

Deyo: Daniel 2 describes the 10 toes of iron and clay that won’t hold together. This is a reference to human/”alien” mingling. The rule of antichrist is almost upon us.

Webb?: The cosmic chess game has run through the millennia and we are into the end-game. The second coming of Jesus Christ is immanent.

Riggs: None of the ritual abuse I have seen involved UFO abductions. The ritual abuse is perpetrated by people on other people. It splits personalities so that the victim can act as a portal a fallen being can come through. I heard there is a common theme of a hybridizing program in the UFO data and was interested to talk with you guys.

Georgian (of Byte Radio): When the babies are born, are they normal looking? What is the gestation period? Are the babies larger than normal? Are they produced artificially? How does this work to bring nephelim babies onto the planet.

Doug: When I interviewed Dr. Jacobs (a secular psychiatrist) I learned the abduction experience goes back 40 years. The early hybrids were taken from the mothers womb during a follow-up abduction at three months. The mothers would later be presented with the child who had become sickly. But now the hybrids don’t need this and can pass as human. They are being integrated into society.

Who?: Genesis announced the conflict between the seed of the woman and the seed of Satan. In Genesis 6:4 we see Satan’s effort to corrupt the human gene pool by interbreeding with  human women. The current hybridization program is a continued attack upon the human seed. The existence of the corrupted seed in Canaan is why the Israelites were told to wipe out that whole population. Herod attempted to prevent the baby Jesus from being born. Now the attack is on the Christian Church. The attack involves hybridization and infiltration.


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