Pre-Trib Rapture a NWO Hoax – Part I

Here are some notes from the first 15 minutes of the show:

Interview by Truth Radio with Steven Anderson. Pastor Anderson produced? a film After the Tribulation. The pre-Trib rapture is a lie. The evidence is overwhelming that the bible doesn’t teach it.

Hollywood is beginning to promote the rapture, with the New Nicholas Cage Left Behind movie. How suspect is that?

The Tribulation is not the “Wrath of God”. That follows the tribulation. Compare the scriptures (he lists them).

The doctrine has lulled Christians to sleep. It makes you think that you won’t suffer in the Tribulation when in actuality you should be preparing for it.

There will be a one world government. Antichrist will be the head of it. There will be a one world religion, too. Antichrist will be the false messiah at the head of it. The present pope is moving us in that direction.


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