The Abyss

Check these headlines, all from 11/17/14, and see what YOU think. Have we stepped off into the abyss? (For those of you on fb, visit for these article links…  And while I’m at it, join me at the new free to join fb that pays 90% of its ad revenue to YOU!)

Industrial Production Drops; Auto Manufacturing Slumps 3rd Month In A Row – Worst Run In 5 Years

Empire Fed Manufacturing Misses 2nd Month In A Row, Workweek Plunges

2015 Is Shaping Up to Be a “Turkey” of a Year for the U.S. Economy and Stock Market The author says that 2014 the economy benefited from U.S. Fed money printing, but this won’t happen in 2015.

Abenomics Officially Leads Japan Into A Triple-Dip Recession – Weather Blamed; Nikkei Drops 600 Points, Back Below 17,000 Yeah, it’s the weather!!

Japan Falls Into Surprise Recession Surprise? SurPRISE!??

This Country (Japan) Will Collapse & Destabilize The Entire World

CDS Liquidity Set To Tumble As Deutsche Bank Exits IG, HY Trading This is very bad, since Credit Default Swaps (CDS) are used to insure debt instruments. The cost on debt insurance will go up now. Borrowers will have to offer higher yield to make up for this. Folks holding current (low yield) debt will be selling it.

David Stockman On Monetary Breakdown & Skyrocketing Gold Welcome the worldwide Zimbawe dollar! Great for fire starter!

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