The Rapture, NWO Hoax – Part II

Starting in at about 16 minutes.

My notes:

The United Nations is an embryonic form of a world government. WWIII will produce a real world govt with the antichrist at its head. Read the book of Revelation. In it, the second seal removes peace from the earth. The world govt will bring peace.

The pre-tribulational rapture does several things. It causes christians to be unprepared for what’s coming, both physically and spiritually. Also those expecting the rapture will be confused and disillusioned when it doesn’t happen (or when a phony rapture occurs and they are not taken).

Those that talk about the pre-trib rapture all say it could come at any moment and Jesus Christ could return at any moment. But it will be the antichrist who will come first … claiming to be Jesus. So this pre-trib rapture will lead many astray, thinking that the true messiah has returned! “Post-” Trib rapture folks are watching for the antichrist to come and won’t fall for this so easily.

Antichrist’s goal (in Rev 13) is to make war with the saints (christians). For this to be his goal there will have to be saints here, unraptured, for him to war against. No mention of the Church in Revelation? Not true (And that’s not the only reference). The mark will make it impossible for Christians, in particular, to buy or sell. This is part of the war on Christians.

FBI project megiddo identifies Christians and those watching for the end-times and/or a new world order as terrorists. Christians will be demonized and executed.

The antichrist will rule for seven years, but the great tribulation, specifically, is less than seven years long. The tribulation ends when the sun and moon are darkened, and God’s wrath follows after this.

New bible translations like the NIV are not trustworthy. For example the warning in 2 Thess 1:1-4 is changed and made ineffective. There is a new edition of the NIV as of 2011. This has made 100s of verse gender -neutral. Mostly this is just annoying and artistically horrible.

The interviewer speculates that the mark will be a biometric implant in the hand or forehead, not a tatoo-like thing on the hand or forehead. Newer translations change the in to on.

Okay, now we are at about 33 minutes. Still haven’t gotten to what I hoped they would talk about…

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