Tsu! Now this is Different!

The new social networking site, Tsu, is free to join, but by invitation only. So here is my invitation to you:


Check this out that someone just posted there!

Sponsored Ads Are Here!

Breaking News: A few hours ago the first “Sponsored” Ad showed up in Tsu user streams & the community is jumping for joy! Say WHAT? The community of a social platform is happy about an ad showing up? Heck YA! Because the community members are paid to ENGAGE! Like it! Comment on it! Share it! More people see it! Users get paid and the 1st Tsu Ad Sponsor @REVD_ is instantly a household name in the land of Tsu! And it doesn’t hurt that it’s an uber cool

Yep. Tsu pays you to be there, so come on in! It’s all about content, really. Folks posting good content is what will make this work, and Tsu knows it and Tsu users know it, so it should turn out to be a great site. It’s what you make it! But unlike any other social networking site you get paid to make it.

Join the conversation at Tsu!


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