Ebola in the French Quarter

“I was on the street car on Canal the other day and at the next stop I heard a shuffle sort of like a silent commotion by the door as a woman was getting on and paying. I looked that way as the driver slammed the door closed and out of the window a white man looking to be in his twenties had his back turned and was walking away. The woman had screamed and everyone including me was muttering out loud what just happened? She said that  his eyes were bleeding  as she darted to the back of the streetcar. The driver  radioed it in and told riders that he had to because it had all been captured on camera. I’ve been watching for news and  so far nothing.”

They will suppress news about this plague until it really gets rolling. Various people will have various reasons for doing this. But if you asked Bill Gates he would say I suppose that it takes a good plague to crack open the world. Check out the Georgia Guidestones on Ebola!

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