Beware the Ides of … September, 2015!

End of the Shmita and Coming World Economic Reset
The Feast of Tabernacles & the 8th Day Assembly 2015

by Luis B. Vega
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‘At the end of every seven years, at an appointed time, in the Festival of Sukkot [following] the year of Shmita. When all Israel comes to appear before the Lord, your GOD, in the place He will choose, you shall read this Torah before all Israel, in their ears. Assemble the people: the men, the women, the children’…—Deuteronomy 31:10-12. …

The Coming World Economic Reset
Undoubtedly the sacrificial Shmita countdown started with the attack on 9-11. It was the initiation of a 7-7-7 year ritualistic and Kabalistic slaughter of innocent people by the Money Changers that require blood to appease their Satanic Masters to implement the countdown to Lucifer’s New World economic reset that will be used to control all of humanity. These progressive and systematic collective sacrifices through false flags, illegal wars and constitutional overwriting of civil liberties are shamelessly being made to coincide with the very Holy timetable of YHWH’s appointed Shmita and Holy Feasts. …

The owners and manipulators of the rigged Stock Market that ‘fixed’ the drop of 678 points after 9-11 on September 17, 2001 on a Rosh HaShana and 777 points on 9-29-08 on another Rosh HaShana appear to be ‘coding’ this prophetic Judgment currently impacting the USA and the world at large. … They have staked the American economy on Biblical cycles. (The) Money Changers have been using (timed attacks/judgment) to usher in their New World currently as the US Dollar and economy are currently systematically being imploded. …

The Harbinger
According to Jonathan Cahn’s theory, Elul 29, 5775 or Sep 13, 2015 is when the last implosion of the world economy will most likely occur. In that case, total chaos will ensue, … . The Money Changers that have capitalized and manipulate the world commerce will use this Shmita timing as planned to usher in the New Order reset. …

Sep 13, 2015 you will have a Partial Solar Eclipse on Rosh HaShana. … Sep 28, 2015 that is on Sukkot is the 4th and last Blood Moon of the Tetrad of 2014-2015 (It is also a super moon – i.e., when it is closest to the earth and appears largest). It is 7 years exactly from Sep 29, 2008 Rosh HaShana crash of 777 points.



iCliks’ notes from another source are below:

Lindsey Williams has just (was that 3/18/14?) received and email from an elitist friend. The message: Chaos approaches. I still think that it will come in 2015 in God’s seven year timeplan: 2001, 2008, 2015.

The videographer notes that as of Nov 16, 2014 your bank accounts no longer have insurance.

September to October 2015: The mystery of the Shmitah (the Hebrew seventh year; the year of rest) and its impact on the financial markets. The seventh year is to be kept as a sabbath year, according to the Hebrew law. That is a blessing; but if it is not kept, this brings a curse.

We are in the middle of a blood-moon tetrad that ends in September of 2015. This and the shmitah year all points to 2015 as being prime for a worldwide financial reset. On the other hand, all debts are wiped away on the 50th, or Jubilee, year. That would indicate some year that follows a sabbath year. (There is some debate as to whether the Jubilee is the 49th or the 50th year. You can read a little about that here.)

Since 1973 every financial collapse in the U.S. has occurred on a shmitah year: 1973, 1980, 1987 (black Monday), 1994 (bond market massacre), 2001 (twin towers with a stock market collapse following), 2008 (DOW dropped 777 points in a day in September on Allul 29), and 2015 coming up. September 13, 2015, could be a doozy! It is a super blood-moon day. This shmitah year started on Sept 25, 2014, and it is the 7th shmitah year, says the videographer, who calls it a “super shmitah” and is associating it with the Jubilee year.

The present shmitah year that we are in began on the first day, 9/25/14, with the first case of ebola being diagnosed in the U.S. The victim died on the second blood moon.

You can read my musings on the lunar tetrad of 2014/15 here: Lunar Tetrad 2014/2015

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