This Is Huge! “They’re Preparing For Something” – Biggest Cover Up Has Whistleblowers Freaking Out And Speaking Out!

November 21, 2014
Susan Duclos – All News Pipeline

… Many believe the media reports that Thomas Duncan was the first Ebola patient imported onto US soil, but I will make the case that Duncan was simply the first Ebola victim to be reported, not the first case in the US.

According to doctors that are now blowing the whistle on (the CDC) disappearing patients, many cases of these vanishing people were reportedly showing signs of “malaria,” as shown from this InfoWars article, published on November 20, 2014, two specific excerpted quotes below: (Can be heard in the first video below the article)

• It was back in October when I shared a story … one of my medical doctors contacts stationed in Dallas had shared with me. The CDC, this individual said, was coming into hospitals and visiting patients who were reported to have ‘signs of malaria’ … even going as far as to remove their actual records from the hospital database.

• It was then, after sharing this story on air, that the brave Dr. James Lawrenzi called into the program and said that he had also witnessed similar circumstances: … Dr. Lawrenzi discussed how medical professionals from the CDC were in fact looking at these cases of ‘malaria’ in a very strange way. Especially when these ‘malaria’ cases exhibited symptoms that typically coincide with an Ebola infection (early symptoms are the same). …

Back in mid-September … reports came out about a ship docked in New Orleans, carrying sick crew members, one of which died, and the “official cause” was listed as Malaria…….. after having come from Ebola stricken Africa. … Officials immediately downplayed the likelihood that the sickness was related to an outbreak of Ebola in that part of the world. …

In fact, media organizations, at the behest of the Obama administration, have stopped reporting on suspected Ebola cases completely …

On October 4, 2014, local reports indicate that two patients were admitted with Ebola like symptoms in the DC area…… official conclusion, one had Malaria. On October 15, 2014, the American Family Physician website discusses the “Increase in Reported Malaria Cases Prompts Clarification Regarding Diagnosis and Treatment.” …

This Is Huge! “They’re Preparing For Something” – Biggest Cover Up Has Whistleblowers Freaking Out And Speaking Out!

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