The Mind Control Industry

Due to the unbelievable nature of this material, a preface is important. Think logically about this for a moment. We know that a psychological condition known as multiple personality disorder exists, in which a person expresses him/herself (I should say selves) as more than one person and these different persona don’t know that the  others exist.

It is known that this condition is brought about by trauma.

How long do you suppose it is before the espionage industry or its shadowy owners get the idea that if they could induce this condition in a volunteer and program the identities as undercover identities that this would make the perfect spy, since they wouldn’t know that they were a spy? I give them five minutes to glom onto this idea. And what if this program is wildly successful? And what if then they can’t find enough volunteers?

What if, since this process is a lot like hypnosis, a person’s abilities could be augmented, too? Why they would be doing them a favor, making super-heroes out of them.

How long before the power gets out of control at these agencies, and their shadowy owners get the idea that rather than spying on other countries they get more bang for their buck by seeding their own country’s positions of power with programmed persona? I’ll give them another five minutes to come up with this.

How about, since these “slaves” will enjoy the perks of augmented abilities, wealth, and power as well as the backing of and social interaction with the world’s rich and famous; why not have their own children programmed and placed? After all the kids wouldn’t remember the trauma that locked them in. They wouldn’t know they had lost their freedom. They would just enjoy their great life – and they would serve the family!

Do we base great science fiction on this? Is it really happening? Both? On to the video, by Rose of Sharon , which serves as a good example of how such a thing might “flesh out” if it caught on in the real world.

Notes (She goes fast!!):

(She doesn’t seem to name the book), by Fritz Springmeyer, but she holds it up and says it is available from

Appendix 2, The Programming Sites

She reads from a portion purported to be part of but missing from the published appendix. It is naming mind control programming sites that have operated for years, with many still operating. Some have been moved.

There are hundreds of places named in this list that use various techniques to produce mind-controlled persona – from Security and espionage facilities, to universities, hospitals, military bases, churches, church headquarters, psychiatric facilities, “correctional” facilities, corporations, castles and mansions, and amusement parks (notably Disney). I will spare you most of the names. There are lots of programs out there being used for various purposes and in concert with various other technologies.

Electric shock is used to split personalities. Programming occurs in the UK and Germany; in Russia and eastern Europe. Jesuits and the Vatican are very active in programming in Germany.

Beutner, NC, center of correctional research perpetrates mind control experiments on inmates. Camp Peeery VA, CIA’s “theFarm” near Williamsburg engages in slave programming. China Lake naval , Yokern CA, research base started so early (1950s) that their product has a name:China Lake programming. Other facilities layer more programming on top of the China Lake programming and on top of each other’s programming. Some programming produces psychic warriors who can project themselves astrally.

Area 51, Nevada, aka Dreamland has extensive underground facilities that include genetic research. Victims are brought in by air and underground tube shuttle. They do Monarch Programming there and harvest the eggs of the resulting slaves for “experimentation”.

Interestingly Colorado Springs has something called End Times programming. Mt Shasta, CA and other places, program people to think they are in communication with aliens. Mock UFOs are sometimes used. Disney Land and Disney World have been off-hour sites for programming for years. Disney movies are used for programming.

Anton Levay and his children are programmed.

Boulder CO is headquarters for electra-magnetic mind control (EMC) which involves broadcasting a signal to modify the thinking of Americans and to control certain individuals that have been chipped (slaves).

Mind-controlled slaves are used by the elite for entertainment. They are sold and traded. Scotty’s castle in Death Valley is where Dr. Mengele lived and worked. He had a bevy of 11-year old girls.

NSA and British GC Headquarters, … magazines, newspapers, or other media are used to send coded signals to programmed slaves. For that matter they announce in code what they are about to do, in order to alert their own ranks to what is coming.

She finally gives up on reading more from the list, and closes by saying that she does not necessarily believe all of this. In fact she doesn’t believe some of it. Mainly she is concerned that it is misleading to say that someone that thinks they are in communication with some invisible entity is just programmed, because alien or discarnate entities really do exist. I would comment that of course they do, but that the groups being described are actively and knowingly working with such entities. Mind control and discarnate entities would naturally work together.

I recommend the book, Thanks for the Memories, but for immediate use following these links will give you a better idea.

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