Tsu is the new Facebook

Give it to the end of the year and Tsu will surpass Facebook! Today I learned that, terms of minutes Tsu is now (after just 5 weeks in business!) following very close behind Facebook in user-time. In terms of “daily minutes on social networks” Facebook has about 22, with Tsu close behind at 19. But Tsu is rising and Facebook falling, so check back in another month and we shall see who is in the lead!

What’s with Tsu? It is a free social networking site like Facebook. But unlike with Facebook users retain ownership of their content and are paid 90% of the ad revenue that the site generates.

Yes, Tsu is free, but you need an invitation to join. And since there is an invitation just below this sentence, what are you waiting for? Check it out. See what it’s all about!

Social media? Go where they pay you!

Join the conversation at Tsu! And at iQLife!


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