Prince Mark (Zuckerberg)

Finally, a smoking gun! It has been my suspicion that Zuckerberg, of Facebook fame is not just some random guy but has serious family connections.

You may have seen, as I have, various articles and references to the idea that the world’s elite ruling and/or power-brokering families place their children in positions of fame, influence, and power. These children include bastards (rabbit-hole warning!), whose names would not necessarily indicate their descent. It is said, for example, that most if not all the “democratically elected” presidents of the United States are descendants of the British royal family.

So now, finally, I bring you Prince Mark!


They even have that same curly, red hair!

Historically the Stuarts have been keen on meddling in the social discourse. It didn’t start and it won’t end with Facebook, and it makes one wonder. Will Prince Mark run for president?

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