The 4400

According to the writers of the 4400 series, in order to enter the much desirable (according to them) New Age, about half the human race (those that can’t evolve) has to die!

That’s pretty much the real New Age script, too. It will all seem so reasonable. Just those anti-social fringe types won’t be able to go along.

I won’t go along, I will tell  you until the day I die (God giving me strength) that Jesus Christ is the only-begotten Son of God – not some avatar, or manifestation of the hidden light, etc. – and that salvation is available only by believing that God came to earth and lived as the man Jesus Christ, by believing that you (and I) are in need of his perfecting work being sinners, and by calling on the name of Jesus Christ for our salvation by his grace.

I should  have every right to express that opinion, but what if the world goes mad, aka, The 4400?

The 4400

The 4400, Cont’d

Before the 4400

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