Not Signing, not Me

(I didn’t think I could be shocked by any invasion of my privacy by Facebook. But I was wrong. Bye, bye, Facebook. I don’t have anything to hide particularly, but this is so over the top, it’s just disgusting. The bolding below is mine.)

On January 1st, 2015 Facebook Will Drop a “Bombshell” That Will Straight-Up Infuriate You!! Find Out What Now Before It’s Too Late…

Lisa Haven
December 3, 2014

… All users will be asked around January 1st, 2015, to accept the new terms. But just what … ? How about the fact that they want to allow third parties like the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. to collect information not only from your Facebook page but from your computer, your phone, and any other device you access Facebook from. …


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