The California Drought

Experts Speechless Upon Most Unexpected Discovery! Evidence the USA Is About To Be Ushered Into Endless Tailspin of Apocalyptic Events? It Certainly Appears That Way! (Photos and Videos)

Lyn Leahz
December 11, 2014

Folsom Lake in March 2011. At right, Folsom Lake in January 2014. Courtesy: State of California

California produces a sizable majority of many American fruits, vegetables, and nuts … no other state, or even a combination of states, can match California’s output per acre.
 … (If the drought continues,) rising prices would force Americans to consume more grains, which are locked in a complicated price-dependent relationship with fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats.Young people and the poor in America, more than others, eat less fresh food when prices rise.

Clearly, this would fulfill Revelation 6:6. Re-read the second paragraph above and then read Revelation 6:6 (below). Grain prices would escalate drastically, the young and poor would be affected on a large scale, yet the rich (the oil and the wine) would not be touched. …

According to … Fortune News, it is not just bad, but extreme … According to … the Daily Mail (and) USA Today, Fortune News, etc … California’s three year drought is the worst seen for over 1200 years …


(Don’t be surprised if this leads to fulfillment of David Wilkerson’s prophecies of drought and chaos in the United States as a judgment of God on America. Don’t be surprised if this happens in 2015. Be one of the few who are prepared for such an eventuality. Buy extra food and put it by — food you would eat anyway. That way it is just insurance. But more importantly, pray. Repent of your sins. Ask God, through Jesus Christ, to forgive you of your sins.)

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