Bye Bye Facebook

As some of you may know, I will be leaving Facebook at the end of the year when they roll out their new privacy (or lack thereof) rules. I haven’t researched this myself but have read that they will claim the right to read any and all files on any device you use to access the Facebook site.

I have never trusted Facebook anyway, and there are now alternatives (two are below), and so this threat of total nudity before anyone that offers Facebook a dollar or coerces Facebook to share … well it finally pushes me over the top to make my move.

I will be active on Tsu so if anyone reading this has enjoyed my posts, please feel free to click the link below and sign up. It’s free. Even if you don’t want to see my posts but just want to try a different social networking site (and it doesn’t hurt that they pay you), go ahead an use the link and sign up!

Tsee u at Tsu!

Social media? Go where they pay you!
Free sign-up, but you need an invitation so use the links below.

Join the conversation at Tsu!               And at iQLife!


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