Alien Artifacts Found

Interesting 9 minute presentation by Klaus Dona. I want to make an observation that I have never heard anywhere. Since these artifacts seem to be those of a culture that preceded the Mayans, perhaps these predecessors also perpetrated human sacrifice on a massive scale. The artifacts depict what were apparently gods to these people, along with some of their vehicles and tools. We can speculate that this is the kind of entity that is attracted by such practices, and that these entities are empowered by such practices. Since the entities depicted have slanted eyes like the greys and reptilianesqe features like the reptilians -both of modern UFO fame – and some of the artifacts seem to present the classic modern UFO design, I speculate that the modern “aliens” are the same beings or same class of beings as were interacting with this ancient culture. And we should take note that Klaus describes it a worldwide. In my opinion there is also other modern evidence to support the similarity. Particularly, with regard to ritual sacrifice we have the cattle mutilations, ritual sacrifices (both public and secret), and the fact that UFO abductions can be stopped through the name of Jesus.

So here is the video. Klaus Dona is speaking but the images being panned in the video are not the specific ones he mentions.


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