California: Monster Storm / Monster Quake

The monster storm spoken of in the second video below is the storm that hit California in early December of 2014 as per this first video:

The following video was made in early December, just before the above storm. It describes dreams or visions prophesying a monster quake that will change the shape of the U.S. west coast.

David Wilkerson warned us in 1973 and 74, and how this relates to the New Madrid fault line in cental U.S. and Northwest U.S. Earthquake Cascadia subduction zone:

Wilkerson also prophesied an economic collapse and then a Russian invasion (referenced in the above at 19 minutes). Wilkerson identified the U.S. as “Mystery Babylon” (23 minutes). God will judge America with three things: earthquakes, drought, and financial disaster (36 minutes).

And now on to the drought in California, which is the worst in 1,200 years. This is a big deal:

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