Leading Expert on Conspiracy Speaks

Jordan Maxwell has given his life to the study of secret societies and their occult symbols and practices. After researching this for 48 years, he says he has a story to tell that no one has ever heard. Bear in mind that he is not a Christian believer and so his perspective, while accurate in many ways, diverges at a certain level from the way a Christian researcher would see this.

Notes from Part I above: Mutation is being foisted on the human race. The perpetrators are or are in league with “aliens”; and these aliens are the enemies of the human race. There is a war on for your soul.

Europe emerged from the stone age as a Druidic system but remains so today, and so is America. The Druidic magic wand is used to orchestrate. It is made of holly. This is the root of the name Hollywood. Hollywood’s primary purpose is behavior modification, i.e., social engineering. Entertainment is just a means to that end.

At about 20 minutes he describes his realization in 1967 that one organizing principal or power was behind all the major nations. He first noticed it in the symbology of the Soviet Union National Coat of Arms, where he noticed the two mountains and a rising sun. These are symbols used by nations all over the world. The rising sun represents the rising of the New World Order; but this agenda goes back to the most ancient times. The reference is to a hidden agenda by the Anunnaki that has been carried and nurtured over the millennia. The phrase, “the golden dawn”, is one expression of this but was just one step in the continuing development of this effort. This program coming to some kind of fruition now.

Since the time of the Sumerians: “the dawn of the new day” has referred to the rise of the son of Anu, or son of Orion, returning to sit on his throne and to rule the world. This will be very negative for mankind, but the whole world will suck it up thinking it’s great stuff! All the religions are part of this and all the governments. He says that Christianity is an expression of it. (I take exception to this, although the popular forms of Christianity have been infiltrated and is entering an apostasy wherein it will support this.)

Novas Ordo Seclorum, written on the back of the dollar bill is quoting Virgil who was referring to this new world order / new day.

The agenda that will be implemented once this new day commences is to mutate the human race.

Part II:

What will be lost in this mutation will be our humanity, the ability to show love and kindness or emotions, there will no longer be a society built on freedom, liberty, and justice for all. This modification has already started. Some of it was carried out in ancient times, throughout the ages, and it is being carried out today.

The bible says that the nephelim, Og of Bashan, lived through the flood.

The two mountains in the new day dawning symbol are like the twin towers of NYC or the two pillars of the Masons (or two pyramids). The symbol of the new world ruler will be the sun rising between two mountains. It is a very ancient symbol. The human race is slowly being prepared to be mutated. Nazi Germany was keen on Iraq and Babylon and acquiring and redeploying the ancient powers that they had. (America covertly inherited this Nazi culture and its sciences after WWII, which lends support to the idea of America as the biblical “Mystery Babylon”.)

Parts 3 and 4 to come…


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