Portals Opening Now

And look who it is that is fostering this opening of the portals:

The Portal

Why is it that there is a persistent relationship between the UFOs and their “alien” crew accessed through sightings and abductions on the one hand, and etheric entities accessed through channeling and meditation on the other?

Glad you asked, because I would like to propose that this is because both are the same and in spite of whatever hard physical reality they may have or want to have, these are angels. Considering that they deny, refute, or otherwise undermine the Christian doctrines of the Trinity; the virgin birth of God the son, Jesus Christ; the real death and physical resurrection of Jesus Christ; and salvation by God’s grace through faith in the work of Jesus Christ – considering this, the Christian should be able to identify these angels as fallen angels masquerading  as angels of light.

So considering who it is that is promoting this opening of these portals, who or what do you suppose is intended to come through? Yes, they look like beings of light. Their words are hypnotically smooth and their lips drip with honey. But in the hollow of their soul they are filled with the rotting carcasses of the dead.

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