Hey all Yall Neanderthallers!

A famous anatomist, Dr. Rudolph Virchow, declared, in 1958, that the primitive features of the Neanderthal people were not due to the fact that these people were subhuman, but were due to diseases, or pathological conditions. He pointed out that the skeleton discovered in France was of an old man who couldn’t walk upright because he had a bad case of arthritis! Dr. Virchow declared, further, that all of these people suffered severely from rickets (a condition caused by the lack of Vitamin D) which causes bones to become soft and deformed. For many years, however, evolutionists paid no attention to what Dr. Virchow was saying, because they wanted Neanderthal Man to be a true subhuman ancestor of man.

Eventually, however, other skeletons of Neanderthal people were found that were fully erect, and it was established, by medical research, that the skeleton found in France was, indeed, that of an arthritic old man. X-rays of the fossil bones and teeth showed, just as Dr. Virchow had declared, that all of the Neanderthal people had rickets. Scientists finally concluded that all of the so-called primitive features of the Neanderthal people were due to pathological conditions, or diseases. Museums have removed the old exhibits of Neanderthal people and have replaced them with new exhibits showing the Neanderthal people looking very human, and about 30 years ago, two scientists published an article about Neanderthal people in which they declared that if Neanderthal Man were given a shave, a haircut, and a bath, put into a business suit, and placed on the New York subway, no one would take a second look! (Supposedly from Yayoo News, around 2007, as posted in GodlikeProductions)

And we have this:

Evolution Is A Farce, A Fraud, A Fake And A Faith!

By Dr. Don Boys
© 2000 Cornerstone Communications

“… Only an uninformed fanatic says that evolution or creation can be proved scientifically. … Evolutionists don’t “know” anything about man’s origins. They guess, suppose, etc. but they don’t “know.” Honest scientists have become weary and embarrassed at the confusing, convoluted and contradictory claptrap that often passes as science. They have watched their colleagues rushing to protect Darwin rather than putting him to rigorous tests. …

“Need I remind our readers of the many incredible mistakes made by evolutionists because of their faith: (among them) the failure of the fossil record (that no informed evolutionist uses to prove his position), etc. …

“Even Stephen J. Gould of Harvard admitted, “The fossil record with its abrupt transitions offers no support for gradual change.” I assume that all college professors know that Darwin admitted the same fact. (I also assume they know that Darwin was not trained as a scientist but for the ministry, so evolutionists are worshipping at the feet of an apostate preacher!) …

“All the alleged transitional fossils, that were so dear to the hearts of evolutionists a generation ago, are now an embarrassment to them. … Archaeopteryx is now considered only a bird … . The famous horse series … has been “discarded” … because it is not proof of evolution. … Piltdown Man was a total fraud and Nebraska Man turned out to be a pig, not an ape man! … Neanderthal Man was simply a man with rickets and arthritis … . Need I go on? …

(I added the picture)

“Biologist, Dr. Pierre Grasse, considered the greatest living scientist in France, … is not a religious fanatic, yet he called evolution a “pseudo-science.” … Dr. Soren Lovtrup, Professor of Zoo-physiology at the University of Umea in Sweden … said, “Evolution is ‘anti-science.'” …

“World known Swiss scientist Dr. A. E. Wilder-Smith (who recently died), with three earned doctorates in science and considered to be an expert by the United Nations, confessed after seeing the fossilized dinosaur tracks and men prints within inches of each other at Glen Rose, Texas, “…all this makes evolution impossible.” And so it does. …

“So you see evolutionists are dishonest or uninformed when they suggest that creationists are backwoods, snake handling fanatics. In fact, over a thousand scientists with advanced degrees belong to one group that takes a stand for scientific creationism and against the guess of evolution. …

“Evolution is a guess, a speculation, an hypothesis, a theory, a faith. Yes, evolution is a religion as I document in my book, “Evolution: Fact, Fraud or Faith?” And, since it is a faith, it should not be taught in public schools. At least, any thinking, honest person would agree that if it is, then scientific creationism should be taught along with it. After all, we do believe in balance and fairness, don’t we?

(Read the rest of the article, here)
Copyright 1997, Don Boys, Ph.D.

Have I said before in other posts that we are living in an anti-truth matrix? Evolutionism is a significant part of it and won’t be given up. It will soon be needed to support the idea that man is evolving into a higher form a being – moving to a higher vibrational level closer to our cosmic brothers who have been her covertly all along and will be announcing their presence, soon. Sorry to muddy the waters. This is not Dr. Boys idea but mine. That is, I think that the hopes of the New Age movement will actually be fulfilled. It won’t turn out to be such a great thing, but it will be fulfilled. You can read The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince if you want to know where the New Age movement came from. Hint: CIA psyop. This is not a conspiracy theory, in the pejorative sense. They prove it pretty well. And see also the Not so Full Disclosure Movement I posted yesterday.

You can also check in on creationism.org:

“There is a severe lack of (what could even be interpreted as) transitional fossils of any kind.  Paleontologists and geologists have been combing the Earth looking for fossils and mapping layers.  Millions of non-transitional fossils have been found and identified.  Still no transitional fossils though, unfortunately for the theory of evolution.  Instead they keep coming across tremendous adaptability within species (following their respective genetic programming) and deep sedimentary deposits still blanketing the continents from the year of the Flood.” (http://creationism.org/genesis.htm)


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