Leading Expert on Conspiracy Speaks – Part 3

Here are my notes from the video below. Jordan Maxwell has studied what he is talking about for 48 years. As I mentioned in my notes on this interview, Parts 1 & 2, he is not a Christian. His views on things are colored by this fact.

Most of this part of the interview consists of musings from his personal history. He says he has had three dozen “numinous”, or “monstrous” experiences but he doesn’t really talk about these. He says he believes from his personal experiences that there are aliens at Area 51 and there are aliens living among us here on earth.

Some of the bad aliens are in league with the human institutions of influence and power. He believes his calling is to call the public back to its humanity and to reject the genetic mutation that the bad aliens intend to foist on the human race (See parts 1 and 2).

The movie Zeitgeist by Peter Joseph, on religion, theology, the federal reserve, 911, etc., available on YouTube, is based on Jordan Maxwell’s work. Other programs have also been done on Maxwell.

There is a spiritual war going on right now. Hollywood is making movies about it. Hollywood uses Maxwell’s work. He mentions Spielberg and Lucas as putting a lot of hidden symbology and messages into their movies.

Maxwell was on the board of directors of United Sensitives of America (US of A) in which numerologists, astrologers, and other esotericists would come together for projects, events, or presentations. He wasn’t one of those but was on the board helping promote, organize, and execute.

Maxwell thinks the Mason, Manly P. Hall is one of the greatest teachers that ever lived. Mr. Hall bequeathed all of his research journals to Maxwell when he died. Also, it was Maxwell who brought David Icke to America. Maxwell believes in reptilians alongside of Icke, but from his own research and experience.

The people behind the Obama administration are fearsome and have dangerous plans to promote the “dawning of the new age”.

Disney/ABC is remaking the T.V. series V as a made for television movie. The extraterrestrial visitors give out a pamphlet explaining their new world order. The pamphlet is entitled, “The Dawn of a New Day”. Communists, Fascists, the secret societies, the Babylonians, the ancient Egyptians. etc. have all used this same symbol. This movie is preparing for the symbol to be moved into the public view.

Maxwell gives an interesting anecdote from a young lady named Nancy who he knew and had interviewed on more than one occasion. Nancy’s father was in charge of “Project Retrievables” which was for the purpose of retrieving extraterrestrial artifacts or material left from crashes or that sort of thing. He never allowed her to be alone at home. One night her mom and dad went to a party next door to their home and they let her stay home alone. She was combing her hair in the bedroom and could see her closet in the mirror. It opened and an exceptionally tall reptile alien stepped out. It had a human body, but a reptilian head. When it move toward her, floating, she screamed and ran down the hall into the bathroom and began screaming out the window. The reptilian was scraping on the door growling a dinosaur-like sound. When her parents arrived it ran off and disappeared. The bathroom door was badly scratched and shredded. This being wasn’t going to hurt her, Maxwell said, but this was a threat.

There is a war for your soul.

Look for a 3 hour documentary by Jordan Maxwell. He was planning one as of 2011 or so.


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