Leading Expert on Conspiracy Speaks – Part 4

Here are my notes from the video below. Jordan Maxwell has studied what he is talking about for 48 years. As I mentioned in my notes on this interview, Parts 1 & 2, and Part 3, he is not a Christian. His views on things are colored by this fact.

My notes from Part 3 are below the video link.

Whoever created us has enemies. These are the entities who’s symbol reveals to the world that there is a new world order planned. Reptilians associated with this. The coming king may or may not be reptilian, though.

Myron Fagan (sp?) is excellent on the illuminati.

Dan Brown’s movies, Angels and Demons, Davinci Code, and the new one called something like the Secret Symbol, are plagiarized and stolen. He is a plant: a paid lackey. The real illuminati use people like him. He presents what his masters want the public to think. He is a front for a European masonic order to lay groundwork for the new world order.

Red, black, and white are referred to in Hollywood as death-head colors. This refers to the Nazi order of the death-head. It’s symbol was or included a skull and crossbones. Movies use these colors whenever someone is about to be killed.

European masonry is heavily involved in destroying America. Street gangs use masonic symbols and are probably organized and promoted by European masonic orders.

The Jesuits are illuminists, and the most evil organization on earth is the Vatican. It is the bulwark of this dark thing that is happening on the earth. The knights of Malta, which gave us the six men that founded the CIA and were the founders of (some of?) the big banks are Knights of Malta. The Jews are not the source of all this. Rothschild was a banker appointed by the Vatican. That’s where he got such unlimited financial backing. Rome dominates Europe, which dominates the earth.

There is nothing holy in religion, period. Its a way that the evil entities controlling the human race have set up institutions of learning, education, religion, and government.

Propaganda Douey (sp? the P2 Lodge of Freemasonry) is interlinked with Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, and the Jesuits. P2 is world famous. It is pure Nazism. It runs underworld organizations, drug rings, prostitution, human trafficking, etc., right-wing death squads in South America and Mexico — All orchestrated out of Rome. America cannot be saved. Nor can the human race be saved from the rise of this coming king.

The illuminati will succeed in taking down the United States. There is no reasonable evidence that it can be stopped. The light at the end of the tunnel is a train. The public is too stupid, uninformed, and selfish to be able to stop this.

Camelot says the fact of his continued work, and their work, tells them otherwise.

But Maxwell’s purpose is to warn and inform the few who want to know and can be awakened and they can come under the protection of the spirit.


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