The Emergent Antichrist System

“What new U.S. currency?” Designed to merge with currencies around the world to form one world currency? And so on and so forth. Interesting information here.

World constitution and parliament association? It’s goal is to lay the foundation for a world government. Hundreds of renowned people from around the world belong.

Oddly, they are not fond of Christians or Orthodox Jews.

The U.N. has been pushing an interfaith agenda in the name of world peace. Apparitions of Mary are encouraging Muslims to join the interfaith agenda (Something like that. It’s at about 19 minutes.). Muhammad believed that when he went to heaven, Mary (whom Christians believe to be the mother of God but of course Muhammad would not since to him God has no Son) would be his bride.

The major religions will be brought together in Jerusalem. The intent is to unify the world’s religions as one single synergistic faith.

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